The Pink Balloons

non-Rhyme poem about a women remembering a memory


1. The Pink Balloons

The days we spent laughing,

talking...being happy.

We felt like we could live forever,

oh how we were wrong.

You bought me those pink balloons,

and we sat on the step and admired them.

And how the sun shined through them,

and brought them to life.

We made plans to see each other the next day,

but your heart stopped in an instant and with it so did mine.

We spent those days laughing,

and talking, oblivious to what came next.

I went back there to the step,

wearing those red shoes you always hated.

I sat there and remembered.

Remembered your smile, your voice, your laugh.

We had all the time in the world; or so we thought.

And in a second it was gone.

I bought some Pink Balloons and came to visit you,

That piece of stone signifying where you lie.

I left the balloons with you.

A piece of me,



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