Underneath 2

Underneath 2 is the sequel to the story Underneath. If you haven't read Underneath yet go to my profile and read it before reading Underneath 2.

After going through a lot of struggle, confused minds and a twisted kind of love the famous singer Niall and the famous actor Athelia have finally found each other. But just as quick as the fairytale begins, the fairytale ends. Athelia's health aren't as healthy as they thought. After being told she only have one year left, the couple is forced to go through a year knowing it will be their ast. And it won't be without both fear and tears. How are you supposed to just live your life when someone suddently puts an expiration date on it? Who will stay strong and who won't? It's called through sickness and health, isn't it?


1. Prolog

Every step I take my time is slowly running out

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