Christmas & Cookies

After Ally broke up with Austin he was devastated but realized it was his fault for not spending enough time with her so he and Adam come up with a plan for Austin to get Ally back Sequel to Break ups & Back ups


1. Helping & Handing

(Austin and Adam walk into Austin's kitchen) 

Adam: so what's your idea 

Austin: I tried to bake her a cake 

Adam: tried

Austin; look up 

(Adam looks up and cake falls on his face)

Adam: okay so baking is out 

Austin: but Ally loves Christmas cookies and Christmas is in two days 

Adam: I've got the perfect idea 

Austin: what 

Adam: you can bake Ally some Christmas cookies that say I'm sorry and then you can buy her that music note necklace she's been eyeing recently 

Austin: that's perfect! I just hope she'll take me back

Adam: she will for the past two days she's been crying and saying I miss Austin and she told me she loved you 

Austin: then I can just get her back now

Adam: no if you wait until Christmas it will be more romantic

Austin: how would you know 

Adam: I was listening to Dez read a romance magazine yesterday

Austin: ok then lets get baking 

Adam: no! I'll do the baking you buy the necklace 

Austin: why can't I bake 

Adam: do you remember the cake 

Austin: right (he leaves) 

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