Over rated.

Do you ever feel like your in a glass box? Trapped inside, forced to watch everyone else smile and have fun. I feel that almost everyday. Ever since I met him. Zayns the instantly popular jock. The bad boy ever girl wants. Every girl but me.


1. Glass box

I stumbled to my locker, ignoring the glare from my vice principal.

"get to class miss knowles" he hissed, I quickly unlocked my locker, grabbing my binder and racing towards the social room. I took a deep breath and opened the door, going to my usual spot behind Jesse my best ffriend

"how nice of you to join us maybry." The teacher snapped, I sighed and opened the text book to the page that was written on the board, following along.

Do you ever feel trapped in a glass box? Truely alone. Forced to watch the world happy around you. But be caught in a pit of self hatred and sadness. That's how I fell 24/7, my parents passed along time ago, my brother leaving to go god knows were. I was ripped out of my thoughts as Zayn Malik kicked the back of my chair.

"hey." He whispered, I tried to ignore him, pretending to be wrapped up in the boring old history book. "Don't ignore me maybry." He snapped, I sighed and muttered a 'what' under my breath. Zayn Malik has found pleasure in ignoring me and then every once in awhile making it seem as if we're friends, only to ignore me the next day. "How are you?" He caught me off gaurd. Why does he care how I am? As far as I know jesses the only one who gives a rats ass about me.

"I'm fine." I hissed, trying to ignore him.

"just fine? Now that's no fun love!" He muttered loudly, mrs. Turned to us and glared.

"get back to work maybry and Zayn." She ordered, I took the opurtunity to move my desk forwards and put in my head phones. Zayns over rated. He's been with countless sluts and he's an ass. I pretended to do a work sheet the entire class, finally the bell rang an dismissed us to gym. I walked to my locker, getting my strip out and turning around, bumping into none other than Zayn and his 'friends'. I sighed and shifted my weight to one leg.

"can I assist you with anything?" I asked, annoyed.

"uh yea." Zayn muttered, seeming legit.

"what's up?" I asked, more polite.

"well. I'm dying to see your chest love." His eyes flicked to it and then back up to my face. Without missing a beat I slapped him and walked to gym.



I left the school libary and walked down the empty halls towards my locker, I stayed late to finish a project I don't feel like bringing home. I opened the locker and grabbed out my purse, closing it and sliding the lock closed.

"hello doll." A deep voice filled my ears and I sucks in a angered breath.

"can you not find it in you to leave me alone Malik?" I snapped spinning towards him leaning up against the lockers a bit down from me. He took a few steps in my direction. Placing his hands on my hips and holding me in place. I squirmed and tried to get his hands off me, to no such luck.

"Im going to make you want me. If its the last thing I do. I'm going to make you mine." Zayn stated, letting go of my hips and walking away, punching a locker on his way out.




(A/N so lovelys! What do you think? It's my new Zayn Malik fan fiction! Yayy)  

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