Fight for Love

Hey Guys this is my first Imagine I hope You like it

Marley Martins is a normal girl how lives with her Boyfriend Niall Horan, yse the Niall Horan, in London and is Working hard to start her acting career. But its not always easy to date a member of the most famous teen boy band. As a few papparazzi pictures come along, and a other member of the band falls for her thing in their relationship become complicated will they stand through it or wil jealousy and the fame parten them


1. New House

Nialls POV

Finally we put down the last box into the living room. Me and Marley just moved into our new house in the center of London. Although I may slewp in Hotels more often than here it is still my home an my girl boone could ever take this from me. "Babe where are you" Marley is searching for me. " In the Bedroom, love" I yell back. I am sitig in the bed relaxing as she comes in and plopps down next to me. "And how do you like it?" She askes me. "I love it" I say crawling on top of her, starting to kiss her passionatly. She brakes our kiss for a second and says "Im so Happy to have you" and I answer " And I evebn happier I have you!". She stands up gets her millions of boxes of clothes and shoes and starts putting them into the closet, whilest saying:" We can do that all night lets start unpacking some stuff". I stand up and get my 2 boxes of clothes and stand next to her putting them into our closet.


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