Bloodthirsty Awakening

"All of a sudden I remembered everything. Images of my transformation into the blood sucking creature known as a Vampire. It wasn't something I could control it just happens. I had images of the people I killed and screams flowing though me from the past. I remembered the face of the Vampire who changed me. All of the pain I gave others returned to me as I remembered. All of the faces stopped when I remembered Cassius."

"Have you ever had your heart broken? Well picture that moment only add horror, pain, and blood."


1. Loving Your Enemy

"The darkness surrounds me as I lay on the bed we once shared. All alone I toss and turn thinking of you."-Cassius

Henrietta, as close to family as I could get. 

Henrietta, my childhood friend.

Henrietta, my lover.

I miss who you were. You were so beautiful,


I miss your soft milky white skin, your beautiful caramel brown eyes, and your gorgeous golden locks of hair that shined brighter than the sun. 

Now I know I will never see you the same way again... All I see now is darkness and shame.


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