How It All Ended

This is a real story about me and my bestfriends and how it all started and came to an end... I don't use quotation marks because I don't have to so enjoy ^_^


1. Beginning

As I entered my new school, IS109, I looked around... I saw a bunch of sixth graders.. I went to this lady who were telling people where to sit, with your class. I was in 722. As I walked through the middle isle, I saw my friends (like brothers to me), Jeffrey and Marcus. Jeffrey was in my 5th grade class and Marcus was in another class but I knew him too. They yelled "Shanice Mills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I felt honored.. I sat down with my new class and I saw my other friend, Tashena Chery, another 5th grade friend of mines. That's it, that's the only person I knew. This girl in my class, later I found out her name was Briana Blair, asked me what class I was in. I replied "722." Then they went back to their convo. I felt relieved when they called classes to go on a tour of the school. BUT! I went with the wrong class, as I later found out. I went with 721. And that was the class Jeffrey was in, my crush.. When we got back from the tour, Briana told me I went with the wrong class. I was so embarrassed! We went to our homeroom class with our homeroom/E.L.A teacher, Mr. Ramrattan. He was really nice. Since I didn't know anybody, I sat at the side, near the telephone. I was at a table with 3 girls, Amy, Myah & Bianca. They were really nice.


As I'm looking around, I saw these two girls, later known as Simantini and Theressa. I'm thinking to my self "they're crazy!!!!" Then I'm looking at the boys ;) I counted 4 cute boys; Matthew, Jeremy, Joel, & Daniel. We had homework the 1st day of school.. Ugh!!! The next day, this girl with a lot of hair, later known as Joanna, came to our class. I could already see that her and Simantini made a click. But now Theressa was mad that Joanna stole Simantini away from her. I made my way over to them one day and introduced myself. I fit right in with them! Then they had a secret they wanted to tell me. They made me promise that  I keep it a secret. I promised and they told me "Joanna likes Matthew." I was surprised. We started to get to know each other and became best friends that day. The next day I was in shock. This new kid in our class, later known as Franklin, came. As soon as he came, ALL of the boys that seemed to know him, yelled "Franklin!!!!!!!" He was soooooooooooooooooooo perfect! I had to tell this to my new bestfriends! As soon as I told them, they started jokingly saying they were gonna tell him I like him. But instead, we turned on Joanna. In math, I was so hype! I sat next to Franklin!!! Then our math teacher, Mrs. Pugliese, rearranged our seats. Now, I sat with Matthew, Raihan, & Franklin, a nice mixture ;). During math was #jokes! Matthew and I were always talking about Mrs. Pugliese when she was writing on her board. I was always dying of laughter! I had to keep my laughter down or else I would get in trouble. Then she added Joanna to our group. It was he** for her because Matthew wouldn't pay attention because we were allways talking with Franklin. Then something big happened, next chapter coming soon!!!!

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