how we met: sophie book 1

brittany was an average 19 year old. she was educated and ready to get a job. oneday brittany went to a party that would change her life forever.


1. only chapter (shortest book)

               I got out of bed and turned off the alarm clock. It was time to check for more jobs. When i got dressed, i was about ready to leave when i got a text from my bff Toni. She was inviting me to some party. I really was not in the mood, but i was busy all week and i needed a break. So i sent her a text sayin i was goin.

          I had to get a whole new outfit. Once i was dressed, i grabbed my purse and waited at the front door. When Toni showed i hopped in her van and we drove to the party.

       I had to admit, it was a great party. When i was at the drink table, i saw a man approaching me. " hey im mike," he said. i smiled. "im brittany."

After that me and mike started to really hit off. We even started seeing each other more often. After a few months, he proposed. a few weeks later, I became pregnant and that, started it all.

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