Marzia, an Irish girl walks around town in London and bumps into an unfamiliar face. She heard about these boys but never really liked them. As she bumped into them many more times she decides to become friends with them. After a a few days, weeks, she started to have a fancy for Niall. Niall also took a fancy for her too. As more days past by, they became more than just friends. Although Niall had kept on bringing Marzia to everywhere they went no matter what, Marzia seemed and felt a bit, invisible. Even if fans see her they would just ignore and keep talking and hugging the boys. She feels left out. Niall seems to be the only one that pays close attention to her. She still feels invisible even when Niall does everything to make her not.


1. London's Mistake


I walked through the streets wandering around trying to know everything and the places in London. This will be my new home even though I should be in Ireland right now. I decided I needed some time to chillax and relax so I thought I would go to the carnival. As I walked around I bumped into someone. I turned around and apologized so many times. "It's okay," said a sweet Irish accent. At last, an Irish accent. "Well, my name is Niall. What's your name?" I froze. Even if he was Irish and I wanted to at least be friends with this REALLY cute boy, I was scared. "Well, do you even have a name?" I grinned and decided to tell him my name. He seemed sweet and very kind. "My name is Marzia." "Marzia. That's a beautiful name." I blushed as he smiled. "Well I gotta go." "Well I guess see you some other time?" "Sure, I guess so. Bye." "Bye!" I quickly ran to get a Taxi and headed to... Crap. I forgot. I don't have a place to stay in yet. I don't even have enough money to get in any of the hotels here. What am I gonna do?! I was scared, alone, I felt invisible here in London. I'm alone, nowhere to go. All of a sudden a light bulb popped over my head. I ran to find Niall when I accidently bumped into him again, well trying to find him at least. Looks like bumping into cute looking people lets me makes friends. Or at least find that Irish boy. "Well nice to see you again!" We both laughed for a quick millisecond and I decided to start our conversation. "Umm Niall?" "Yeah?" "I need a place to stay and I was wondering if I could stay at your place and maybe while there we could get to know each other?" 'Sure! I was just heading home, so you're pretty lucky. Here, hold my hand. I don't want you to get lost." I blushed as he smiled again. I grabbed his hand and I felt one spark. It was the first. With a stranger? No. He's my friend now though. But I guess I do want more than just friends. What if he doesn't feel the same. This is all London's Mistake. Not mine. Or maybe mine...

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