Anne's survival


1. Seeking, searching and hiding

Tears fell from Anne’s eyes. She was exhausted and tired. With the child on her arm she had managed to stay alive during the war.  Alone, frightened, nothing more than a glimmer of hope to hold on to, she had been searching for her beloved husband. It’s not her child. The mother died. Hit by a bomb. She was so young and fragile. Her last words were a desperate prayer that Anne would look after her child, Dominic. Of course Anne swore with her life, that she would do anything to protect the boy. But after several days Anne was about to give up. She had been walking miles after miles, without a word from her husband. Dominic cried. Anne had to sing a verse of a lullaby she heard, when she was younger. It finally made him silent. “Oh dear. We must find something for you to eat,” she said and rocked him slowly in her arms. She was a bit hungry herself. It was hard to walk around – and even in high heels – carrying a child who kept on crying. Her back was killing her, and there were no safe place to rest.

The sun was about to go down. Luckily enough Anne saw, that there was an aperture underneath the rails. She figured that Dominic and herself could squeeze into the aperture and stay for the night.

By the time the stars had put themselves to place in the beautiful night sky, Anne sat in the sand with Dominic on her thighs. It must have been Gods work, because the spring came with early hyacinths. Anne picked one of its leave, and put it in her mouth. It wasn’t bad, so she picked one more and gave it to Dominic. Tiny baby tears trickled down his cheeks, but under the circumstances he handed out for one more.  

The moon had let its shimmering light shine among the stars, Anne with her arms around Dominic was lulled to sleep. The hyacinths had been gone in a minute. Dominic fell asleep right after he had finished his number twelve flower.  


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