when you think of me...

kat was just a normal girl living in Wovlerhamption. 19 years old with no parents or siblings, just her best friend in the whole world, Liam Payne. they were friends ever since she could remember, when her parents were killed in a car accident Liam was the only one around, well so she thought. When Liam went on the X-Factor he forgot about kat and everything about their "relationship." It's been 2 1/2 years since she's seen him and now she can't wait when he finally comes home to his family and her.


1. the good ole days.

hi, my name is kat.i don't know  if you've ever heard of me, probably not , but anyways I was Liam's best friend. I know the Lam Payne amazing right?! wrong after his first audition for The X Factor he hasn't had any form of contact with me .  I try calling him , texting and even emailing him. But as usual, nothing right now I'm just telling you about now but why don't I tell you about the " good ole days." 

2 1/2 years earlier 

   "Liam I've it back!!!" " no I don't want to, and you're not the boss of me." 😝he mocked me, made fun of me, and who knows what else! but I was okay with it because it was never anything hurtful, I mean come on its Liam Freaking Payne he is too nice to do or say anything like that , right? I'd AWAYS ask myself that question every day every morning. *2days later* this was the day I got his " excidedly important" news " Hey Kat can I tell you something?" he asked so sweetly (typical Liam) " of course Liam what is it?!" I asked him very nervously, I've had a major crush on Liam since I was 10 " we'll you know ...um..how I ... uh" he stuttered "Liam what is it?" I asked calmly. he resumed "you know how I've always said I'm gonna be on t.v. right?" " yea, wait you're fining on t.v.?!?!?!?" Liam turned bright red at my comment! "we'll yes and no, I get to audition for the X Factor later today and I want you to come with me." I stood there not knowing what to say I sat down trying comprehend what I just heard my best friend (my only friend😰) "of course Liam ill go with you." I said with no emotion in my voice, but of coarse being Liam he knows there's something wrong. "what's the matter love?" he asks as he sits next to me and throws his arm around me. 👊 "it's just... *tears fall* you're the bestest friend I've eve had let alone my only friend. and I don't want to loose you to millions of other girls Liam." 

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