The Phantom of the Hex

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  • Published: 19 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2013
  • Status: Complete
The Phantom of the Hex is coming for you. Hex is a state of mind, almost a cult or religious order, when the words are said and done, you cannot return to humanity. Instead of being human, you must use them. If you are a Phantom of the Hex, you need humans to survive and live...


1. The Phantom of the Hex



The Phantom of The Hex is stuck like glue,

Clinging to live hosts like me, and you.

Draining our lives as we hide under the table.

This Phantom started from a dangerous fable.


The Hex was a state of mind, a possession, a debt,

This man tried it over a stupid bet.

The words were uttered,

Savoured and stuttered.


The words were then and there said and done,

Much more dangerous than a pistol or gun,

The human was consumed into the Hex deep and dark,

The last human thought dies with a spark.


The Hex took his life, and his form and face,

He was no longer a human, with great grace.

We lived among the worlds, begging for life,

Affected in storms and times of strife.


Soaked in the blood of billions of others,

Sister’s, cousins families and mothers.

His task to survive to steal and consume,

Defying the Hex and journeying out of The Gloom.


The Gloom is where all Hex’s are trapped,

In the place where the worlds are snapped.

The Phantom’s escape to devour our souls,

Fighting the deepest pits and holes.


With this spectre our lives are being to entwine,

As his human life was once truly divine.

He is forever lost and haunts us all,

The Phantom of the Hex, trying to devour us all.


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