Being a Bag

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  • Published: 19 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2013
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Being a bag. It's strange really, I am so useful, and yet sometimes, so unloved. Now I have a chance to voice my feelings! Don't zip me up, let me speak!


1. Being a Bag


   Being a bag is a strange sensation. I am constantly thrown around, or squashed against the wall. It is so rude! How dare you people? I have feelings! You just don't hear me! Well, after mocking me for years and pretending to zip up your mouths, I would quite like you to feel what I feel! I'm like a bird who can't sing, a ballerina who can't dance, like a... you can stop me anytime you like you know.

   People shove books inside, and blame me when they get crumpled! Now, that is the definition of 'rude.' And anyway, do you have any idea what it's like having a bottle leak inside you? Wet, cold, and none of you really know how to dry the inside of a bag. FYI, tissue's do not work. 

   But it's fun though. When you run for the bus it's great! Flying around on you're shoulders! The only bad thing is, when I do fly of you're shoulder, you start to curse... at me! Of all the people... er, bags in the world you have a go at me! The bag that you own...

   But it's really fun sometimes, I get to chat to all the books, and see what they've learnt that day. I say learnt, it's more like pupils have scribbled stuff inside them and they do their best to read it to me. 

   One of the worst things about being a bag is being left downstair's at night. It's dark. And even worse, it's dark. Usually I'm quite small, so everything  totally dominates and towers over me. Plus, it's even worse when... when... there's a SPIDER!

   I know humans get really scared of them and I'm the same, the long things on are horrible and devious. One of them scuttled past me and I froze. When it stopped and didn't move, I stamped the buckle on my strap down, but the spider managed to dodge it, and he ran off. The horror of the experience. 

Being a bag,

Day in, day out,

Can be painful like ache or gout. 

With things inside like lunch and books,

This school lark really does ruin my looks!

When the lunch bell rings I get dumped on the floor,

Sometimes I feel like I'm at death's door.

But I always know that I will be there,

Because my owner needs loving care.

I am a school pupil's best friend,

Until my sides split round the bend!



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