Thirteen Runs

Lyssandra is a runaway.
When her family died in a house fire, she did the only thing she could think of- she ran.
Six years and twelve runs later, she still has no luck. Thirteen is meant to be an unlucky number, so what will happen when Lyssandra runs from an abusive cheater? And what will happen when she runs into a ghost from her past that she thought was dead?


1. Thirteen Runs

Lyssandra's P.O.V


As my feet pounded against the cold, hard ground, I let the tears that had been welling up slip down my cheeks. It didn't stop me though. I had to do the only thing I knew. I ran.

I had done it twelve times before- I could do it again. It was different this time, though. As I left, it felt like what was left of my heart was breaking. This time, I was running from the man who broke my heart. Lucas Smith. I guess it's my own fault, though. I should have known. My life has never been good. Well it was, but it hasn't been since four years ago. Ughh! Sorry! That probably sounded like I want your pity. I don't. I should probably tell you more about me.

1. My name is Lyssandra.

2. I am 17 years, 11 months and 23 days old.

3. In one week, I will be 18.

4. I have no friends.

5. No family that I know of.

6. No, I wasn't adopted. Four years ago, my family were in a house fire. My mum, dad, and my brother died.

7. I had been on a holiday with my old friend Faith and her family. When I returned, the house was nothing but ashes. So I ran. Three were reported dead. it had to be them.

8. I ran. When I got there, something else happened. Nothing bad. I just don't want to talk about it. So I ran again. Same thing happened. So I just kept running. And stopping. And running. And- well you get the point.

Right now I was running. Running through London to be precise. Running past a bunch of expensive-looking flats and apartments to be even more precise. On Trevor Road to be really, re-OOOMPH!!!

I had just ran into someone. And now I was lying on top of them on the pavement. I looked up. I was met by two of the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I should probably get of him though.

"Umm. Sorry. I should get off you now..." I muttered. Yeah of course you should get off him, idiot!

He laughed. "You do realise you said that out loud, right?" he said, grinning. "So, you live around here?"

Was he talking to me? "Umm, yeah..." he stated. Oh, fudge. Did I just say that out loud?

"Third time in less than a minute!" he teased. I could feel the blush creeping onto my cheeks. "So you live round here, then?"

"Umm. No. I'm kind of on the run." I said, looking him in the eye. Then I realised what I just said. He probably thought I was on  the run from the police!

He laughed. I loved his laugh. His eyes lit up when he laughed. "No, You don't look like the sort to get in trouble. Thanks for the compliment, by the way." My eyes widened in horror as I realised he had heard all of that. The blush that had previously been on just my cheeks was now all over my face. I probably looked like a tomato!

"Umm. sorry? That happens a lot. The talking out loud thing that is. So yeah...umm...sorry?" I mumbled. Once again, I looked at his eyes. I then realised that he had such a handsome face.

"No problem! I have a friend who's like that! You should meet him- do you want to come in for a cup of tea? I'm Louis, by the way." "Lyssandra. You can call me Lyss, though."

We made small talk as we made our way to his flat. He told me that he was in a boy band, that they were famous and he shared a flat with them. I told him that I had been on the run for the past three years, so I hadn't really had the time to listen to the top ten hits.

"Wow! Umm, you didn't tell me you lived in a freaking mansion!" I exlaimed when we got to the door of the flat. He chuckled.

"You say umm a lot, don't you, Lyss?" Louis smirked as he opened the door to his flat.

I didn't know that when he did, he would open the door to reveal a face from my past. A face that belonged to someone I thought was dead. A face that belonged to my brother.

"Hey, Louis, did you get the m-" my brother said to Louis, but he froze when he saw my face.

 "Lyss?" he said, his voice barely a whisper.

"Liam? Is it really you?" I croaked back.

Then we just flung ourselves into each other's arms, clinging onto each other for dear life, while Louis, some guy with a quiff, a blonde, and some guy with curly hair looked on in confusion.

"I thought you were dead!" I whispered, crying. I felt a tear fall onto my shoulder and looked up to see Liam was crying too.

"Me too... where did you go?" he replied, before realising what we both said. We pulled apart, and looked at each other.

"Wait.. you thought I was dead? I thought you were dead!" We both said at the same time, before grinning.


My life was looking up... I had my brother back.





A/N: Hi. Sorry if this is really long. This is my first story, and I'm not that good at writing stories so I didn't know where to start. Please comment! I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts!

xxxxxxx bye xxxx



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