Whispers of Secrets

In a medieval time when all magic is banned, those with 'dark powers' are forced to live away from the non-magic 'normal folk' or risk execution. Fourteen year old Lili is one of these people. As the threat of being found looms ever closer, Lili realizes that she must fight for her existence.


1. The Beginning

First, let me explain about magic. Magic is given, not created, and is not work of the devil. Magic is not evil, it is only made evil by the evil possessor. Magic is not our fault.

No-one knows when, or where, magic began, or how the few people who posses it are chosen. A long time ago, wizards were valued, hailed even, as great and superior beings, better than regular humans. Now, it is opposite. Wizards or "Demon's children" are the minority hunted out and killed at random, for just being alive, for just existing. 

I am Lili. I am a wizard.

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