What's left?

There is this girl. Sitting on the edge of the cliff. No one asks her what is wrong. This girl is here because of one question. What's left?


1. What's left?

The breeze is light and brings a blissful chill to the warm summer’s day. Below are the golden sands and a bright blue sea. Daughters fly kites while carefully guided by their fathers, couples stroll, lost in their own world of love. And amongst this perfection is a girl. Just a girl. She's sitting on the edge of a cliff with her legs dangling. Her hands are clasped tightly on her lap and tears fall like crystals on her cheeks. Hunched over, she tries to make herself invisible and it works because no one notices the girl. Not the hikers or the families. They walk past as if she is not there at all. But if you look into their eyes you can see they simply do not want to notice the girl. She ruins the perfection so they pretend not to see her and walk on. 

This girl is an empty shell. She's felt so much pain that everything in her is defeated. She doesn’t think there can ever be any happiness. And where there is no happiness what’s left? Her parents hate her; they beat her when they come home drunk every night. People at school tell her she is worthless and ugly and she believes them.  She believes them so much that she thinks that they will be happy if she were dead. And that’s all she wants, to make people happy. She told herself that when a boy forced her into sex at that party last month. She was making him happy. It didn’t make her happy but no one cared about that. So here is this girl. On the cliff with her legs hanging over the edge.  You see, this girl is pregnant. With that boys baby. The baby thats going to be born into a world of sadness and hate. A baby who will have to know that her mother is worthless and ugly. A nobody. At least thats what she thinks. And she doesnt want the baby to be sad so instead she has decided that this baby should not be born at all.

Now I realise how rude I have been. I did not introduce myself. Hello, my name is Death and i am here to take the girl. As she fallsI soothe her with my words and for the first time she smiles. As she hits the floor with a cold thud I hold her and for the first time she breathes a sigh of happiness. And as i bring her into the warm embrace that is dying she feels something else for the first time in her life. That someone cares.

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