Safe with you

Cassie Briggs has just run away from her home, where she gets a daily beating from her abusive father. She has just moved to England where she will try and find a new life of her own. But while she is there, she finds a boy who might just take her on the best adventure of her life. While they are seemingly safe together, her father is not giving up on finding her, however. Will she be safe, or will she fall?


1. Running away

Running. Sprinting. As fast as my legs can carry me. I'm running to nowhere, I am just running away from him. I turn around, and see that he is gaining speed. Even though it is excruciatingly painful, I run even faster, my speed being carried only by my motivation. My motivation is knowing what horrible things he will do to me if I don't escape him. I look straight ahead and see a fence going all the way across, no way to escape. So I brace myself and with my muscles screaming, my body aching, my heart pounding, my shallow breathing, I jump over the fence, and before he can jump over, I hide in the hedge nearby, trying to be as quiet as possible, and then I realize that I should have kept running, I shouldn't have stopped, that he is now going to get me, and possibly kill me. But why hasn't he found me? Why isn't he over the fence, about to grab me and beat me to death? Is it possible he didn't see where I went? No. That can't be. He has hunted me down before, but could this be finally my real escape?

I wait for half an hour in the hedge and see no sign of him, and so I creep out silently, peer out, and see no signs of him. I then look down at my watch, "Shoot! I'm going to miss my flight!" I hop on a bike I see nearby, and race as quickly as I can to the  airport.

When I get there, it is bustling with the sound of people hurrying to their terminal gates, security guards saying "Next in line.", suitcases rolling on the floor, and planes taking off to who knows where. I check my backpack and make sure that I still have my plane ticket. I see it sitting at the bottom of my bag, with my passport. Whew. I take a moment to breathe, and then rush off to get into the line for security check. The line is very long, and I think I am alright until I hear a voice on a speaker say, "The flight to Doncaster, England leaves in 15 minutes, I repeat, 15 minutes. Please make sure you are at your gate before then. Thank you." WHAT?! I'll never make it in time! I'm freaking out, and start twirling my hair around my finger, like I always do when I am nervous. I'm thinking, "Come on, come on!" when suddenly the line starts to pick up pace! I guess this really is my lucky day! When I am finished with security, I look at my watch and see I still have five minutes to spare, and fortunately, my gate is right next to the security check! So I walk over to my terminal waiting area, and sit. In a couple of minutes, a flight attendant says in the speaker, "Now boarding for the flight to Doncaster, England." And so, I get in line, and once my boarding pass is checked, I head into the plane, the first place in three years I will be able to sit and relax, and not worry about my life being on the line. 

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