A day in the park

Write about the picture competition. Sorry about the chapters but something went wrong, please just read it as one. Please comment what you thought.


1. A day in the park

     So I'm sitting here on this curb because I've been stood up yet again by my used to be boyfriend. He's had enough chances so now "it's over" are the only two words he deserves to get in a text off me. Send. I flop backwards onto the hard grass covered earth and stare upwards at the beginnings of new leaves on the bare branches of the oak tree I lay beneath. I wait her for all of my dates. I guess old oaky, as I named him, has sort of become my guardian. Like on my first dates my dad would stand at my side, now that I'm 21 it's old oaky's job now. Just as this came into my thoughts, a cool calming breeze swept through old oaky's branches, making the few leaves he had rustle together, a comforting gesture letting me know that he understood. I took a deep breath as the cool breeze swept over me, exploring each crease of my clothing and each curve of my skin before moving on to explore something else. 

    In the background I could hear children's laughs and shrieks of enjoyment while they ran care free soaking up the midday sunshine. I close my eyes and take another deep breath, taking in the smell of freshly cut grass and letting the fresh spring breeze cleanse my skin, taking away the stress of life.

     "Hi." The word was like a wrecking ball, smashing through abyss of calm and shocking my thoughts back into reality. Who was this word for? Was it for me? It sounded close but I'm pretty sure it's not a voice I've heard before. I propped myself up on my elbows and saw a man sat on the curb holding a buch of pink balloons just looking at me and smiling.

     "Hi." So it was him, and he was talking to me. My senses only now kicking in properly saw that the man had short brown hair with a slight natural quiff and dark brown eyes which twinkled in the sunlight. He had a cute button nose and a slight tan, his mouth still in a comforting smile.

     "Er, hello?"

     "Hi." The man was wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and jeans.

     "Did you just come over here to see how long you could keep a conversation going by just saying hi?"

     "Aw you busted me! I guess there's no world record for me this time then. But now we're talking we may as well have a proper conversation. I'm Dylan."

     "Sarah." I couldn't help but smile at his comment about the world record so instead of retaliating I decided to go with the conversation idea.

     "Well nice to meet you Sarah and might I say how lovely you are looking today." As he said it I could see his eyes looking over  me, taking in every detail. My blonde hair, long, straight, probably looking really messy after blowing in the wind and sprawled out on the floor. After he'd examined 

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