She's mine

I'm 18 my name is Allen. She runs into one direction and louis and harry are falling for her. But she doesn't no who to go with so they will just hav to fight for her. Who will get her???????? Read to find out


1. Meeting that special someone

A/N hey people if u like it plssss comment or if u want me to update pls comment as well thanks :)



BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!!! I hear my alarm go off and moaned. I hoping it would stop. But it didn't so I slammed it with my hand and it stopped.i look what time it was "6 IN THE MORNING" I yelled. I was furiouse cus I thort I turned it off but I guess not and it was a Saturday :( well I decided to get up and have a shower. I wore a white singlet with a see through blue button up shirt over the top of it I also wore light denim short shorts and toms. I decided to get a coffee to start my day since there was nothing els to do.after I got to Starbucks I grabbed a coffee and in such a hurry I was out the door and ran into two boys who were laughing until I ran into them and spilt my coffee all over me. They both looked at me and apoligized instantly. I looked up to see two gorges boys looking into my eyes. One with curly hair and brown dreamy eyes and the other one with straight hair with a flick at the end. They both held my hand and helped me get up. "Are you ok" they both said gazing I to my eyes.

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