Break ups & Back ups

Austin has become so busy that it seems he has no time for Ally or his friends so when Ally breaks up with him what will he do sequel to pickles and pancakes


1. Busy & Busted

Ally: (sighs) I miss Austin 

Adam: I told you this would happen Als 

Ally: no Adam he has a special date for us tonight 

Adam: whatever 

Ally: I'm going to the practice room to work on some songs 

(Ally starts walking upstairs)

(Adam sees her book and picks it up)

Ally: Adam!

Adam: (drops the book ) I didn't touch it

Ally: yeah right I saw you 

(Dez walks in) 

Adam: hey Dez

Dez: hey I'm sad 

Adam: why?

Dez: Austin has become so busy that we don't have time to hang anymore 

Adam: I'll hang out with you 

Dez: really Awesome!

(Ally's phone buzzes) 

Ally: (looks at it) I can't believe him! He canceled our date because he has a cd signing tonight! I'm so done with him!

Adam: maybe it's time to tell him that 

Ally: your right! Boys we've got a cd signing to go to


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