Pickles & Pancakes

Jimmy tells Austin and Ally to write on song for the food jam but they can't decide between Pickles or Pancakes so they all take a vote sequel to Spooks & Scares


1. Picking and Pickles

(Jimmy walks in)

Jimmy: Austin and Ally I need you to write a song for you to perform at the food jam 

Austin: Sweet!

Jimmy: Ally who's this 

Ally: this is my little brother Adam

Jimmy: he doesn't look very little anyway go ahead write about any food you want 

Austin: pancakes!

Ally: pickles! 

Austin: pancakes!

Adam: Jimmy I'll handle this 

(Adam looks surprised)

Adam: Austin Ally look Taylor Swift! 

(Austin and Ally run off) 

Jimmy: your good

Adam: thanks and by the way I play the violin 

Jimmy: just get Austin & Ally to agree on something 

Adam: that's like asking to slap Trish 

Jimmy: just get them to agree

(Jimmy leaves)

Adam: I've got an idea 

Dez: (pops up from behind the counter) what's the idea 

Adam: AHHH

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