When Lives Combine...

When Zoey meets Niall, they end up very close as friends. Over a long time with friends and all the school drama, could their trust stand when others lie to them? When other people they've trusted try to make each other look bad, can Niall and Zoey stick together? Will they? Can they? The lies the people say sound so convincing, but is it enough to let go of your best friendship?
Zoey is so confused about her life as it is, being a teenager can be hard... Especially in London. Niall and Zoey had plans to be a combination team on The X Factor, with their melodic voices to combine. But, will they last long enough to be a team anymore?
Follow Zoey on her long tight-rope path of a life, and follow Niall, telling the story from his point of view. And maybe from some of the liers points of views.
****WARNING**** This may contain some bad language and other types of things not considered 'nice', so bare with me.
Can good translate over bad? Will it?
Can the bond between two friends stand?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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