Are we more than friends

Zayn meets a girl called Ellen that he really like but didnt no if she liked him. She kept on ignoring her and finds out she new her from when they were little but she got upset and ran home crying but looked at zayn with a "I want you " look will the be together??????? Read to find out


1. New school


"I would like everyone to meet zayne" I herd the teacher say as I walked into the room. The first person I saw was a beautiful young girl that had loose curled and hazel eyes.she looked at me with a look that looked like "oh not him again" I looked at her and she put her face in her hands and then rubbed her eyes.the teacher said take a seat any where and all the girls shuffled over.i looked at then and sat next to the girl who had her hands in her face. "Hey" I said to her and she jumped a little "sorry I didn't mean to scare you" I mumbled as she had a weak smile on her face "we'll I'm zayn" I said to her with a wide grin on my face. She had a little giggle and said "I think everyone noes that ur the mos famouse boy band ever" she said with a bigger smile."oh and im alex" she  said with a giggle."so wanna meet up at lunchtime" I asked her and she agreed. 


lunch time~~~

i went to go find Alex and eat with her she is with two other people. I walked up to her and sat next to her hey I said with a big grin. She looked at me and smiled. I said "and never said how prey you looked" and she went tomato red.

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