i'm a directioner... and i'm pround

jessie is 15 and she's a directioner at a school where nobody is a directioner and because she likes one direction she is bullied. but when Louis Tomlinson sister starts going to that school he finds out what's happening what will happen to Jessie?


1. crapy, jacked up life.

Jessie POV: hey I'm Jessie Kelly. I'm 15 and I'm bullied. I'm a directioner I love the band one direction. at my school nobody like one direction so nobody likes me. every day a boy named danny and his friend beat me up and call me terrible names. I only have one friend called addie (her real name is Addison but that's what everyone calls her.) she is my friend who is a directioner to but nobody knows. but I just don't know what to about danny...  

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