I have Arachnophobia... What is your fear?


1. Chapter 1

I ran. I ran as fast as I could, but they were too fast. The sweat dripped off my forehead. I was a good runner. I had won many medals and diplomas in competitions, so I felt like I could run for a long time. But the fear sat so deep inside me and it made me feel tired in no time. My legs were getting heavier and I could not catch my breath. I heard the stamping of hundreds of running feet right behind me. I thought that I could hide behind the next corner around the building. There were only 20 meters left. I ran so fast that I almost fell over my own feet. 15 meters, I was almost giving up. 10 meters my heart skipped a heartbeat. Five meters, two meters, one. I did it! I never thought I would make it in time. I turned around the corner and stood straight up against the wall. I closed my eyes. The wall was cold as opposed to my sweaty back. I felt good and relieved. All of a sudden there was quiet, too quiet... I opened my eyes. The shock hit me like thunder. A bunch of the monsters stood right in front of me. Each one of their eight eyes was staring at me and their long black hairy legs reached out for me. Suddenly the spiders were all over me. I felt the pain of the many bites. But the bites were not even the worst. The poison that slowly penetrated my blood was filling my whole body in pain. Abruptly there was darkness. I tried to move, but I was stuck. I realized that I was in some kind of chrysalis - I screamed.

I sat up in my bed. I was completely wrapped in my blanket. The smell of urine was terrible. It nauseated me. I rubbed my eyes and wiped the sweat off my forehead. I have had those nightmares before, but they were getting even worse. My mom rushed into my room:”What’s the matter?! What happened?” She yelled and turned on the light. I covered the wet spot on the sheet in a hurry. “Nothing”, I said. “Just a bad dream…” “Aww sweetheart, come here,” she said and came closer. “No mom! Don’t! Don’t come closer.” She stopped. I could see in her face she was surprised by my reaction. I needed to find an excuse. I would not let her know what happened. I am after all 15 years old. “Sorry. I didn’t mean... I am just so sweaty and... I smell terrible...” At least I did not lie... “Fine”, she said and went out of my room. Great... A huffy mom. Now I had to at least mow the lawn before she would be happy again. I cleaned my bed, took a shower and went to school.


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