How Things Change

When Ashleigh and her best friend Natasha go to a one direction concert in London, Ashleigh is torn when Natasha is murdered infront of her own eyes. After a few weeks of strange events, Ashleigh's other two best friends, Laura-beth and Lauren come to see her after a very kind group of boys let her stay with them in the UK until she feels like she can go back to the isle of man.
This is my first movella so please or hate or anything, this fanfic is actually based on a dream I had, I know, weird right!


1. Introducing Ashleigh.

Ashleigh's POV


Hi i'm Ashleigh, i'm 13 and i live in the isle of man. i'm actually from Gateshead but i moved here a few years ago with my parents ad my brother, Connor. My dads side of the family are all from Scotland but my mums side is from Ireland, it gets a bit stressful at times since they all hate each other but you know, life goes on.


I got to school with my 4 best friends, Natasha, (me and her are the closest out of us all) Laura-beth and Lauren. there is something you should know about us though... we all LOVE one direction! Me and Natasha are really excited because this year,  are parents finally let us go to a one direction concert, ALONE, which we've always wanted because are parents are so boring and embarrasing we'd hate to go with them. I think the main reason their letting us go is because we definitely know how to protect ourselves, I for one have been doing kick boxing since i was 5 until i was 11, but because i was born with a damaged knee my doctor told me i have to either go into standard boxing or give it up all together, so i went into standard boxing and Natasha came with me, we've been boxing together for two years now, so i think we'll be ok ;)


We decided to go to London, since i was here anyway because i was doing a west end summer school and it would be less traveling. After the concert we are staying in London for a couple of weeks just for a holiday before i got to Lancashire to get back to work with the horses. (i know what your thinking, and yes i do have a job at 13)



Well the truth is i thought this would be a great holiday with my bestest friend in the world, until it got to the night of the concert...

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