The killer in the backseat!!!

this story is based around a myth. which i have developed into a short story.



I’ve been murdered, now I’m dead I can’t believe I’m dead I was alive this morning in my house eating breakfast but let me tell you the weird and horrifying way I was killed!


I started my day early this morning, I had a big day ahead of me. First I had to go to the office to finish up some accounting things, I hated my job let me tell you this I’m not the sort of person who likes accounting I’m the sort of person who would rather be out exploring the world. I’m not like any one else in the office I’m in my twenties not sixties, I have blonde hair not grey hair and I wear colourful clothes. Some people even told me I looked like the actress Susan Smith. And the second thing I had to do was go to the lunatic asylum to see my brother. I hated it there, for there were so many weird and perverted people but I had to go - he was the only family I had.


So after I got out of bed I went to take a shower, brush my hair and get dressed. I didn’t eat breakfast because whenever I did eat it, and then went to the asylum I would always end up vomiting it out afterwards. Then I was about to leave the house but remembered that I had forgotten my visitors badge for the asylum so I went back up to my room and tried to find it but I had lost it. I think it must have fallen out of my pocket last month on my way out of the asylum when I went to visit. I guessed I had to make a new one when I went.


When I arrived at the bank I got out of my car and went in to finish off some last minute documents. It only took me a few hours and then at five o’clock I was off to the asylum. When I got there I tried to explain to the man at the front gate that I was there to visit my brother but he didn’t believe me he was acting weird and all jittery and then an older looking man who seemed like he had more authority came over and told the man at the gate to let me in because he remembered me from last time.


Whenever I walk in to the front door of the seating area for all of the guests it scares me because I just cant stop thinking why all of these people are locked up. For example I turned my brother in to the police after he went crazy and raped a girl.


When my brother came out of his cell he came over to the table where I was sitting and we talked about all different sorts of things like my job and friends for about an hour when over ten heavily armed police men ran into the doors and tackled all of the prisoners to the ground, I freaked out and started to scream, I didn’t know what was happening but then a police officer told me to come with him so I went. He took me to a quiet room and started to tell me that there was a dangerous prisoner who had escaped earlier this morning and had killed the man at the front gate. So I told him but what does this have to do with me, so he told me to come with him again but this time he took me to a padded white room which was probably a prisoners cell and told me, the reason why I am talking to you about this is that the prisoner who escaped from his room which is this room, had your entry badge with your picture on it and he wrote on the floor under his bed as you can see hear with his own blood die Susan die, and put your entry badge write next to it.


When we got out of the cell the officer asked me if I wanted him to assign an officer to me when I went home but I told him that I would be careful and that I would be fine since this psychopath had no way of knowing where I lived or even where I worked.


I left the asylum at around 10 o’clock and it was already dark which got me kind of thinking about this psychopath until I decided to call up my friend and ask her if I could sleep at her house just to be on the safe side and she told me sure to come right over. So I left the front gate on my way to her house but this time the guard at the front gate wasn’t there because he was dead.


I was only half an hour from her house when the “check the engine” light turned on so I went to the nearest gas station because I was scared the car would stop in the middle of the road in the woods especially after what I heard from the asylum.


I pulled over into gas station it was dark and empty, it had flickering lights and had a horrid smell of gas when I pulled up in front of the garage I didn’t get out of the car, I was kind of scared but the voice of a nearby helicopter soothed me, I thought they were probably looking for the missing lunatic who was stalking me. I waited for the man to come out, it took him quite a long time before he came out and I saw him. He was short and quite fat, he had long hair and a moustache and he was wearing his engineer outfit with a name plank on it that said carl when he came over to the car I opened the window a bit and told him that there was a problem with my engine and if he could check it. So he walk to the back of the car and walked back to me sweating and scared when he got to the window he started scratch on the window and trying to take me out when he did that I drove out and when I was doing that I heard him scream there’s someone in the back. At that moment my heart started to race and I looked behind me in the seat at the back to see a man sitting there in a white prison uniform with half his face scared and he was smiling. Then he screamed I’m back Susan with a quiet and scary voice and that was when he shot me and then in my dying moments I heard him say I told you I’d be back and then he shot himself…


And that is the story of how I died. It’s terrifying isn’t it? But now I’m in the after world married to the man who killed me.


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