The dent on my conscience

A few stories about people been killed in the Hunger Games. Enjoy :)
Please give it at chace and read.


5. The thought of winning

Well, I thought I was going to win. I was thought to be the weakling, the persn everybody leaves to die. But no. Some people prove to be better and cleverer than me. It seemed that somebody was playing me at my own game. Killing in seacret. However, I thought he would never be up for a stand off, I thought he would back off leaving me to win the games while always been known as the seacret lethal. But now I'm sure he is the one thinking he is sneaky, thinking he is the best. He isn't cleverer than me though. He was only slightly a better fighter and I had been off guard. I always have to look off guard anyway but, I need to be able to fight aswell. When the time came I guess he was stronger, we were the two players in the game.

Maybe one of the reasons I died was because, the thought of winning over took me for a moment too long. Maybe the thought that he might already be dead. But in the end it lead up to a bloody battle which I'm sure the Capitol people drooled at.

But, now it feels new. There is knowone left to kill me. Knowone will ever kill me. It is impossible for me to be killed. Impossible. The thing which would stop that fate is a reocurring matter which always seems to crush me.

'I can't die because Im already dead.'

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