The Untold Story: UP ALL NIGHT

What if the UP ALL NIGHT album has a secret? What if there really is a story behind all the songs? ...Hey there! It's Harry Styles from One Direction...i just want to tell you guys the story behind the UP ALL NIGHT album, hope you guys enjoy it! (: x


1. What Makes You Beautiful

*Harry's POV*


"Harry Edward Styles! Hurry up you gotta go to school honey!" Mum yelled from downstairs.

"Yes Mum, i''m ready" I walked downstairs and smiled at my mom.

"Awww look at my little boy, you're a cutie patootie!" I smiled, she kissed my cheek and walked me to school.

"Mum, i can't wait it's school! I can't wait to make new friends!" I said, very excited. Mum giggled and walked home. I walked inside the classroom and smiled at everybody. We did a lot of activities I enjoyed. After 2 hours, we had our recess. I ate my food quick and sat on one of the swings. I looked to left and saw a beautiful girl and I smiled at her, I think she's nice because she smiled back. I continued swinging high, while i'm enjoying swinging, I noticed that she's not because she can't go high. I stopped swinging and talked to her.

"Hi!" I waved and smiled.

"Hey!" She's kinda shy.

"I'm Harry, Harry Styles. You?"

"I-i'm Danielle Bodley, nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too!" I said while shaking her hand.

"Do you need help? I can push you so you could swing high, if you want" I smiled.

"Sure, thanks harry!"

"No problem!" I stood behind her and pushed her so she can swing high.

"Hahahaha, wow, this is fun Harry!"

"Haha yeah!" I said while pushing her gently.

"Ok Harry, stop now haha" i helped her stop. She stood up and smiled.

"Thanks Harry, you're really nice!" She smiled.

"Haha sure, and thanks" i said smiling at her, the bell rang and we walked back to class.


"Hey Danielle! Can I ask you something?" I called Dani.

"Sure Curly, what is it?"

"Dani, will it be okay if i audition for the X Factor?"

"Omg! You're auditioning?!? That's awesome!"


"I'm sure you'll get in! That's awesome harry, you're like the awesomest singer i know!" I blushed a bit.


"Sure, just promise me one thing"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Uhm...don't forget me okay? When you get famous"

"I Promise Dani"

"Good, i'm really going to miss you Curly!"

"Me too Dani, i have to go now bye! Don't worry I'll keep in touch with you, bye! See you soon!" I said and got ready, signed my application papers for X Factor and waited for my turn, when it was my turn, I sang 'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder. I got in and met 4 awesome boys, we were formed to be a band. We were called One Direction. We treated each other like brothers. After the X Factor, I went back home, to visit my family, I hugged them tight, i really missed them. I went to my room and saw Dani.


"Omg! Curly!!!!" She said and immediately hugged me.

"I missed you curly!" she said

"Me too! Dani! It's good to be back home!"



"Oops sorry Dani, why? What happened?" I pulled away from our hug, I saw cuts on her arm. Why would she cut?

"D-dani? you cut?" I said, and the tears streamed down her face. I looked at her and hugged her. I locked the door.

"Hey, Hey...shhh. Stop crying ok? Curly is you want to talk?" She nodded and we sat on my bed.

"Please tell me what happened while I was gone, please."

"H-Harry, people at school bully me...called me names and told me i'm not supposed to be your best friend because i'm ugly and a weirdo and you're in One Direction, i'm just a normal potato" i was shocked about what she said, first of all, she's not ugly, second, she's awesome for being a weirdo and last she's an awesome beautiful potato.

"Uhm...Dani, you're not ugly, you're very beautiful, ignore them, they don't know you like I do. So c-can you stop cutting please" i hugged her and tears starts to fill my eyes.

"I-i'm sorry H-harry..."

"N-no Dani...shhh stop crying, just don't cut please, it'll kill me"

"C'mon go to the bathroom, wash your face so no one will notice, you've been crying" I waited for her and just sat on my bed, i was thinking of how to stop her from cutting and feeling insecure. I was thinking of writing a song about being beautiful. A song that would make girls feel beautiful and stop being insecure and appreciate themselves. She came back and we went downstairs, we ate dinner together with my family. The next day I went back to our flat and told the boys about my idea.

"Lads, can we write a song about being beautiful?" I suggested

"Hmmmm sure! Good Idea Hazz!" We brainstormed and put all our lyrics together and we named the song "What Makes You Beautiful" We all enjoyed writing this song.

"So Hazz...why write a song that would make girls feel beautiful?" asked Louis, smirking.

"Uhm my best friend, Dani, back home. I saw her yesterday, and saw cuts, i asked her why and she said that she's been getting hate and people keep telling her she's ugly" i said, sigh.

"Oooohh..and do you like this Dani?" Zayn asked, raising one eyebrow.


"Ok then, ask her to watch our performance tomorrow! And you'll see..." I smiled at them and texted Dani.

*Harry: Hey DaniBear! Watch our performance tomorrow? Please! I need you to come! (: x *

*Danielle: Sure Curly! Pick me up? x *

*Harry: Of Course! Me and the boys will pick you up at 6. See you there! xx *

*Danielle: kk! Make sure to introduce me properly to them haha (: x *

*Harry: Hahaha yeah sure, don't worry they're all nice! (: x *

*Danielle: good, gtg now bye! Talk to you later! xxx *

"She's going, let's pick her up at 6 tomorrow"

"Ok, so what do you guys want to do now?"



~~~~~~~next day~~~~~~~

"Lads! Wake up! We need to practice! One Last Time!" Liam shouted.

"Ok i'm up, i'm up" I said, scratching my eye. We all dressed up and went to the stage and practiced our performance. After our practice i texted Dani.

*Harry: Danibear! It's 5, wait for us, we will just get ready! Can't wait to see you again! x *

*Danielle: Sure Hazzabear! Can't wait to watch you guys perform! I'll get ready now, see you! (: x *

After that i didn't reply and I just fixed myself, especially my curls. I was the first one to get ready because I was too excited. I just watched TV while waiting for the lads. It's 5:30 and we are all ready. We drove to Dani's house, I saw her waiting inside and i knocked on the door, she opened the door and we told her that we need to be there in 15 mins so we need to hurry up, she got her things and walked inside our car.

"So Lads, this is Danielle Bodley, my best friend"

"Hi I'm Liam!"


"Zayn Malik"

"William Tomlinson Louis" i rolled my eyes at him and told Dani that his name is Louis and his full name is Louis William Tomlinson.

"And I'm Harry!" I smiled like a little boy, or should i say the cupcake smile ;)

"Haha Nice to meet all of you!" She smiled and poked my cheeks, i smiled back at her. After 10 mins, we arrived, just in time for the performance.

"Danibear, you sit there in front with us, let's go" We sat in front and waited for us to be called. Order= Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Danielle, Harry. While waiting Zayn passed me a note that says, "Dani, is pretty, you two are perfect for each other, now's your time to tell her how much you love her. Ask her on stage later and we sing What Makes You Beautiful to her, after that go tell her." I looked at Zayn and smiled. I know I had to do it before it's too late.

"Now let's call on stage ONE DIRECTION!!!!" we stood up and waved at everybody, walked on stage and we were interviewed.

"So how's your love life?" I know I can't answer this right now, not YET. All the guys answered except me.

"And Mr. Styles?"

"I-i can't answer that yet"

"Hmmmm...." the interviewer smirked and raised one eyebrow. Zayn and the boys looked at me and telling me that it will be alright, I will be able to answer that question later.

"Ok, now, performing their new single----" The host was cut by Louis.

"Excuse me, i'm sorry to interrupt but we just need someone to join us here on stage" Everyone had curious faces.

"I know you all are curious about that one person we need here on stage" said Liam

"Do you guys wanna know who the person is?" asked Zayn. Everyone shouted "YEEEEEESSS!"

" guys want a clue?" asked Niall. "YEEEEEESSS! GIVE US A CLUE!" everyone shouted.

"She's one of the audience and----" I said looking at Danielle. The boys smiled and i know that it's the signal for me to say her name. "Her name is...Danielle Bodley"

*Danielle's POV*

"Her name is...Danielle Bodley" said Harry. When I heard my name I didn't know what to do, I just looked at Harry, I have a lot of questions in mind.

"Danibear...join us on stage please" I didn't know what to do, I was frozen. Harry knew how shy I was so he went down and walked over to me. "Dani let's go, this is all for you" I looked at him and stood up, I didn't like the feeling, butterflies we're rumbling in my stomach. When we reached the stage they asked me to sit on a chair in the middle of the stage.

"Ok we're ready" said Harry.

"Ok now, performing their new single What Makes You Beautiful...ONE DIRECTION!!!!" I was just looking at Harry the whole time the intro was playing until Liam sang the first verse, I looked at the boys, and tears start to fill my eyes when i heard the lyrics.

"You're insecure, Don't know what for, You're turning heads when you walk through the door, Don't need make-up, To cover up, Being the way that you are is enough" I tried to hold back my tears but i can't, and the tears streamed down my face when it was Harry's solo. Those words strucked me. "Everyone else in the room can see it, Everyone else but you..." Harry just looked at me and i was looking at him the whole time, i just wanted to punch him in the face for making me cry and then hug him really tight. They finished the song and I was just sitting there in the middle crying. I didn't know what to do...Harry stood in front of me and said. "Danibear, hope you feel better now. Uhm...I-i need to tell you something." I was just staring in those emerald green eyes of Harry still crying, the lads smiled. When I looked back at his eyes I know that what's happening is serious shit. I just didn't know what to do..."Danibear, we've been best friends since we we're both five, did you remember that? The swing? When I pushed you gently? Haha, good times. I-i just wanted you to know that I love front of everyone here or everyone watching at home, i'm going to ask you. Danielle Bodley, will you please be my girlfriend?" That made me cry even more, I stood up and slapped him in the face. Everyone was shocked and I saw Harry feeling his left cheek, tears run down his face. "D-dani..." I walked over to Niall who was the closest to me and got his mic. "That's for making me cry..." I walked over to Harry and hugged him really tight, and whispered in his ear, "I love you more" I smiled and saw him smile really wide. "So it's a yes?" "Thousand Yes'" He kissed me and I kissed back..."Uhm sir?" Louis was talking to the interviewer. "I guess Harry just answered your question a while ago" Everyone was happy for us. "Can you promise me one thing? Danibear?" "Sure love" ..."Together Forever? No forgetting of each other?" "I promise babe...I love you!" we did the pinky promise, pinky promises are very serious for us, Me, Harry, Alexis, and Matthew. I know this sounds corny but Harry turned out to be my Knight In Shining Armor...I am no longer a Damsel In Distress. Our relationship, going strong until...

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