Can this be real

I'm 18 and I don't get much time outside only to go to my job. My father is an absolute idiot. I get abused by him and can't fight bak. But until oneday I decide to run away and louis from one direction found with blood shot eyes in the park. He takes me into his house and looks after me. But do I hav a slight crush on him and will my father find me??????? Read to find out


1. Running away

A/n hey people ma first story if u like it comment and I will continue



"JADE COME HER E RIGHT NOW" I hear my idtiotic father say as I walk over to him he look at my boobs. What a perv I say to myself. "Go get me a beer" he said in a quieter voice. I went down stairs and got him a beer and went bak into his room, he snatched it off me with a pleased look on his face. "Now take off ur shirt he said to me" I now knew what he was goin to do and streams of tears came rolling down my eyes. Just as I was about to unclip my bra I herd a knock at the door. My father  screamed in disappointment and slammed his beer on the table next to me causing me to jump a little. He stomps his way down the stairs and opens the door. It was the person who owned the house. Just as he was saying to get out of my house I decided to hide I. The empty cubored next to the stairs. But then I hear him coming up the stairs and shivers of fear went through my whole body. "WORK MORE U LIL SHIT I HAV TO PAY $360 FOR THE RENT NOW" as he slammed his door open."WHERE ARE YOU U LITTLE BITCH!!!" I hear him say . It's is my chance to get out of this hell hole I say to myself as he opened my door and threw things around in my room I opened the door speeded Dow the stair and out the door. Yes I. Free as I say to myself continuisly. But the. I see hi. After me holding a beer in his hand. After about 5 minutes running I knew I had Lost him. I walked for an hour just sobbing to myself then I decided to stop and just sit there, until I hear steps running upto me. I got scared at first but then realised it was not my father. He came up to me and asked if I was ok . He had brown Haida and dreamy brown eyes. I sniffles and shrugged my sholders. "I'm having a bad time I sisd to him. He asked if I could come to his house till I get better i agreed. He said his name was louis and he had some people living with him. About 10 minutes walkin we finally got ther it was a huge mantion and he led me inside. As I went inside four boys looked at me that were sitting in the living room. "Who's this " the one with blond hair shoving hand full of chips in his mouth. "This is ummmm" louis turned to me "jade" I say "yea jade she will be staying with us for a while cus she is going through bad times, well this is niall,harry,zayn and liam" I looked at them and they all said hi. I said hi bak well hat happened to u the curly haired one said. I started to cry and  cover my face with my hands "I didn't mean to make u cry" he said but then I feel louis put his hand on my back and rubbed it. "It's ok" he said in a calm voice. I looked into his dreamy eyes I think I have a crush on him I say to myself

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