Trapped with Cody Simpsons

When I went to work at nandos In london I didn't expect to run into Cody Simpson or be stuck in a snow storm with him alone. I'm summer and I'm 18 and she's not into all the boyband types She idmore of rock and roll and not a big fan of Cody Simpsons because she hears it everyday from her lil sister. What happens when summer starts having a crush on him will he feel the same way?


1. Im trapped with him

When I got to work I was the only one there because no one works there today today I worked there because we have shifts for work witch really sucks because I hate seeing all the people like the other day I met this family who just had shorts and a tshirt which was odd because it's like only 20 degrees out because it's winter here in london. Well before I start the story I should introduce myself my name is Summer Evans I live in London I'm 16 and I live with my aunt Jenna and uncle Ralph because my parents died when I was only 12 so I had nowhere to go but with my aunt and uncle I have two brothers and one sister my sister is only 12 my brothers are 17 and 14. I'm not one of those girls who like one direction or Cody Simpsons because I'm hardcore rock. What happened next killed me I was doing my job at nandos and Cody Simpsons walks in and orders food and stuff after that it all goes down hill from there. "um miss the door won't open" he said " ok then try the back" "ok"he said "miss ...." "what!" I said a limitless rudely "that won't open either" "what you got to be kidding me why god why could I be stuck with acdc or mitallica or any of them but no cody Simpsons really" I said mad " ok cool your beans why do you hate me so much" he said patting his hand so I go sit with him "I don't know I....I just hear you all the time and it annoys me why not any rock and roll people like ozzy or acdc Metallica why not them but its the one and only Cody Simpsons yay" 

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