My Crazy Hectic Life

So this is just gunna be like my diary for a while I don't know how often I will update but if you comment I will


1. April 17, 2013

Well hi my name is Amy I live in Athens, Texas and I felt like I needed somewhere that I could just write down what I think about my day so yah this is it. Well a  few things I guess you should know about me:  I don't really pay that much attention to grammar and spelling, I play Softball and Volleyball, I'm in choir and I love it, I love the game of baseball, I'm a directioner, my parents are divorced so I go to my dads every other weekend, I'm a Christian,  I'm not actually popular but I have a lot of friends, I have 3 other siblings that are all older than me, and I have a boyfriend that may not always be true in the future but I hope it is but for right now his name is Chris yesterday was our 4th month anniversary :-) and I love him. Ok now getting on with my day. 

Well today was UIL Choir Concert and Sight-reading I don't really want to explain what that is but we sing in front of 3 judges songs that we have been working on then we go into a room and are handed a piece of music we have never seen before and we have to sing it in slophedge (idk spell) and that's like do re me fa so la ti and do so yah it's really difficult. Anyways, we got pulled out of class at like 9 and we didn't have to leave till 11 so we practiced for that long yah. So while we were practicing I was texting Chris and one of my guy friends (Seth) that I'm trying to get back our friendship together cause he got mad at me for something and so we didn't talk for a while. Anyways, I realized that Seth has a crush on me and he doesn't know that I'm with Chris so he was flirting with me and I wasn't back and I felt like I was cheating on Chris when really I wasn't because I just consider Seth a friend. So after we finished practicing we went to the bus and drove to SFA ,it's a college, so we stopped to eat and then we had to change out of our school cloths into our dresses and tuxes and there is this one guy especially that like watches all of us girls change and makes like really dirty and sexual comments about us and I felt really uncomfortable. Then this guy tells me to shut up while I'm singing last first kiss by 1D and I said I'll shut up when he stops making sexual comments about us then he went off on me about how I didn't know what I was talking about what ever. Then we did our contest and we got a 2, 2, & a 1 for the concert and all 1's on sight-reading. So yah then on the way home someone decided to tickle me and I laugh really loud and so people were making fun of my laugh and so I felt really insecure all the way back home. I finally got home Yay!! And now I'm talking to Chris on the phone while I'm writing this and so this is the end of my day today. 

By my Lovely Hippos I love you!!!            

       ~ Amy 

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