Have you ever had so much power you didn't know what to do with it? Well she did. She was the daughter of Superman and Wonderwoman. Villains knew of her existence, but not her identity. To them she was Ivory- the hero that vanished- they can't track her down, it's impossible. She disappears before they get the chance. Her real name is Julissa Sparks, her power? Well you can say that she has every power. She just has to say the word or think of the power she wants, and then it's hers. No one knows about her powers, not even my bestfriend Louis. Her parents don't live with her. They say its too much of a risk, but she thinks just being alive is a risk.


1. The Usual Morning?

*Julissa's POV* I awoke in the morning, my skin sensitive to the cool air of my room; I opened the curtains, hoping to let the sun light flow in. But all I saw was grey clouds, the forecast for the day had to be rain, I sighed, that would have to change. I was planning to wear my new outfit today, so I thought that powerful little sentence and with the swirl of my finger the clouds were gone leaving only a thick fog that would clear by nine o'clock today. "I think today calls for an easy 67 degree weather, yup that should do." I said to myself determining the days temperature. I freed my mind, going heading into the shower, I definitely wasn't one of those super heroes who thought using your powers only in emergencies was necessary. "I want the power to control time." I said to myself turning on the water to my bathtub, I felt the rush of the ability spread through my veins. I looked at the clock on my phone that I had brought into the bathroom with me, I waved my hand over the time and stepped into the shower soon after. Once I finished everything in the bathroom I walked back to my room, my hair wrapped in a towel and my body covered by another. I glanced at the alarm clock that sat on my bedside table, the time still read '6:50'. I always got to sleep in, sure I was a bit careless with my powers but I still was able to hide my identity from all of the villains out there, I didn't understand how they could be so stupid though. When I turned on the television in my room the thoughts of those evil idiots left my mind, because it was time to see if anything needed saving. "His it's Maxine Rivers here bringing you your Monday morning entertainment news!" The news reporter said in an all too excited voice, "This weekend the new Superman movie raked in 17 million dollars-" I shut the TV off before scoffing. I hated those stupid movies so much, they were so fake, and people don't even know. In the movies the hero always get the girl, and he always defeats the villain, well let me tell you that doesn't always happen; good doesn't always prevail, I always wished that movie writers would make would make a movie where the hero dies or at least loses. Because I know I don't always win, and I know my parents don't always win, and the stupid disguises they give my daddy! "Clark Kent" if he puts on glasses he's a "different person", no I'm sorry but everyone would notice. Daddy is very well disguised, sometimes I don't even notice him. His own daughter, not recognizing what her dad will look like the next time she sees him, it's not the best life but I guess it works for us. It was as if I lived under the witness protection program though, but I got perks; I'm powerful, I don't have much of a real weakness (other than my emotions, if my emotions are too over reactive then I couldn't summon my powers because I would lose concentration). I turned the TV back on and watched the news from that point on, nothing really bad happened, so I continued with my morning routine. I got up to brush my teeth then returned to my room and picked my outfit from the H&M bag. I had bought a black pair of jeans and a bright red leather jacket. I paired the outfit with red converse, my long black hair fell down my back, still wet. I unfroze time and walked back to the bathroom where I needed to dry my hair, I should have enough time to finish getting ready now, well with a little help anyways. I laughed to myself, getting to the bathroom I turned on the hair dryer and flashed forward my movements allowing myself to dry and curl my hair in less than two minutes. I smiled to myself as my body speed slowed down, I sprayed on a hint of hairspray to finish off getting ready. I seperated my hair into three sections, putting some over my shoulders and letting the rest fall down my back. I had my mothers hair, thick soft and smooth, with that I pranced back to my room just as I got a text from my best friend Louis. There was something different about him, I couldn't quite put my finger on it though, I had tried my mind reading powers on him before but they didn't work. They never did on Louis.

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