Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


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   "No Josie! You don't do it that way!" I took the hula hoop from my little four year old sister, and brought it up to my waste.

   "Don't give me that look! I'm just trying to show you how to do it." I spun the pink, sparkled hula hoop around my waste and then let it drop to the soft grass with a thud.

    Josie snatched it up and started to repeat the same thing I did. Without success, it fell once again to the ground.

    "I give up! If I can't do it, why should I even try!'

   She marched into our little one story log cabin and slammed the door behind her. I give up too. But not on the hula hoop. On her.

    I spotted a dandelion peaking up above the grass just a couple yards from where I was standing. It seemed so lonely, so I felt bad and walked over to it to pluck the dandelion. The roots slowly let go of the ground, and as I brought it to my nose to sniff, a pungent odor filled my nostrils. I threw the dandelion, and plumped myself down on the ground. I sat there for about five minutes drawing in the dirt with a stick, until I saw my dad's gold Camry pull into our little gravel driveway that lead right into the garage. The gravel ended when it met the concrete of the garage's floor. Dad parked the car in the garage, and when I heard a little beep to signal that it was locked, I sprang from my feet and raced towards the garage. Dad saw me coming and spread his arms wide so I could jump into them. As I jumped into dad's comforting arms, Dad ruffled my soft, brown, wavy hair.

  "Hey kiddo! How was your day?' Dad asked.

   " know just a little trouble from Cassie."

    Dad gave me a suspicious look.

    "But it's okay! I went to the counselor and took care of it. It was no big deal. She was  just teasing me about the holes in my old blue jeans. But come on Dad. It's nothing. I mean really, old blue jeans? it's like she's so jealous of me she can't even stand it so she just picks something simple that I was wearing."

     "Ummhmmm. I see. So how did you take this?"

     "Well, I told you. I just went down to the counselor."

      "And what did she do about it?"

      "Not much. But I can handle this bullying Dad. We've gone through this before."

       "Well, okay then. I guess I'll leave this stuff for you to figure out. Hey, do you know what Mom's cooking for dinner?"

       "I think she's making pork."

       My stomach growled at the thought. The only thing I've ate all day is some peanut butter crackers. I never eat lunch at school. School lunch is disgusting.

       Dad closed the garage door behind him and we both followed the stepping stones up to the front door. Little pink pebbles surrounds the stones and bushes follow the stones up to the front porch. I step up onto the porch and give Dad a fist bump. We always do this before we walk into the house. It's just something we've always done.

     A little bit of wind ruffles Dad's brown' short hair as he steps into the house and takes in the sweet smell of Mom's great cooking. I round the corner and step into the kitchen. Mom's bent over at the stove taking the pork out of it. My feet clatter against our hard wood floor as I near the food that Mom just took out of the kitchen. Yum! The smell of her homemade pork is thee best. I notice that Josie is sitting at our new mahogany wood table. I love the new table it's much better than the last beat-up table that we had. This one still smells  like fresh wood even though it's about a month old. It seats four of us and could even hold more.

  I look around the kitchen. It's about the first time I've really looked at it since we got it redone.  The table that Josie is sitting at sits right up against our rusty colored wall. Horizontal from the table is the lavender hallway that leads to the living room and my parents room. Diagonally from the table, [horizontal from the hallway] ,is the new stainless steel two-doored fridge. That fridge is so big that if Josie and I got in there, there would still be room for more.

   Horizontal from the fridge sits granite counter space and some wooden cabinets above it, then the wall ends and the counters stop in a corner and continues onto the next wall. Right after the corner is where my Mom stands fixing the dinner. My Dad is standing right next to her babbling on about his work. Mom just nods her head and agrees to what ever Dad says. Mom is definitely a follower. NOT a leader. I think Mom would've actually been just fine without Dad or us kids. She loves us more than anything, don't get me wrong, and she is a great mother, she just seldom talks and never really stands up or voices her own opinions.

  After the stove is some more granite counter space and then the stainless steal washer. Then there is a tall top to bottom cabinet and then the door. That is where I stand. By the tall cabinet. It's a HUGE upgrade compared to our old kitchen we had a month ago. That thing was just all white, had a beat up table, some counter space, a stove and an ugly white fridge. It was all in the same format, just two totally different styles.

  My stomach starts to grumble even louder as I breath in the tasty aroma of the pork. After ten minutes of waiting, I decide that the pork will probably take about another half an hour, and I decide to round the corner again and go outside. The first step I take outside, of coarse, I smoosh something gooey under my black leather boots. It's probably just another black, fuzzy caterpillar, but just to make sure, I lift up my boot to look and see if I was correct. Yup. I was. Man! I bet we are going to have a bad winter because this spring were infested with them!

  As I wipe my boot off in the grass, I hear a whinny from our red and white barn.

   It could only mean one thing.





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