Think Before You Act

Natasha and her friend Camilla are the shy girls of their school. When famous band Go Around comes to their school for a surprise visit Natasha is in for a treat! But,two of the band members don't get along very well... and Natasha is upset Will they ever be friends again? What has Luca (a band member) been keeping from Natasha all this time?


1. Intro to the Charaters


BFF: Camilla (Cammy or Caramel)

Fav Color: Purple

Fav Animal: Penguin

Physical Characteristics: Hair- Dark Brown Eyes- Brown. Wears Glasses

Personality Traits: Shy, Goodie Goodie, Nerd, Weird, Not Accepted

Others: Lives with Mom since her parents are divorced.



BFF: Natasha

Fav Subject: Home Economics

Fav Animal: Lion

Physical Charateristics: Hair- Blonde Eyes- Blue

Personality Traits- Shy, Goodie Goodie, Funny, Cute, Innocent

Others: Does Community Service with Natasha, Listens to music and is neighbors with Natasha



BFF: Nick

Girl Friend: Molly

Fav Animal: Dog (He has one)

Physical Charateristics: Hair: Dark Brown Eyes- Green

Personality Traits- Handsome, Cute, Funny, Outgoing

Others- In a band called Go Around with his friends





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