Caught Up In Love

Mariah is just a normal girl in the world......Lost and doesn't know where life will take her,hoping that one day she will meet the one that she's been waiting for her whole life.....until she gets caught up in love.....


1. Party Time


"Are you ready?" Ciara said impatiently. " Almost! " I said, we were going to a party that she got invited too. The bathroom door opened....."Okay, how do I look?" Ciara's eyes opened really wide. "Amazing, now come on we're going to be late! " I walked behind her while she was grabbing her keys and purse so we can go. We went outside, Ciara rushing to the car while I was locking up. "C'mon! We're only 5 minutes away!" "Okay, okay I'm coming." I got into the car and we were driving to the party.


   ************SKIP CAR RIDE************   


 We arrived at the party and we walked in. I didn't know anyone there so I just walked around trying to find something to do....."Mariah come here....let me introduce you to someone!" I walked to her and some girl she was talking to. "Hey...." I said awkwardly. "Hi, I'm Lilly." Ciara made me stay there till I got tired and said something. "Hey, Ciara I'm going to  head home." "Okay.... I'm going to  stay over Lilly's tonight." Ciara said smiling. "Okay....bye." I said rolling my eyes.


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