Forever Fan

Taylor's just an ordinary One Direction fan. She buys tickets whenever they're available, she knows everything about them, she knows every single song they published...just like any other ordinary fan. But is meeting them something that happens everyday? It was just a video that led her into there is no turning back...


1. One Direction? Not interested...

Taylor's POV

The wind blew against my face... It was a cool summer breeze and it was just another ordinary day. I was sitting on the pavement when I heard someone call my name.

"Taylor! Taylor...did you hear what I just said?"

"Oh...sorry...ya continue"

My friends Rachel, Chloe, Samantha and Hannah were obsessed with this boy band named One Direction... One thing for sure, I was NOT interested in them. But I didn't want to hurt their feelings, so I didn't tell them. It killed me to listen to their chit chat about One Direction. They literally talked about them 24/7. I just quietly sat next to them writing down some lyrics I wanted to put in my new song. While writing some things down I just heard some of my friends gossip about...them.

" OMG... Like totally, Niall is mine so don't you dare take him from me!"

"Ya Rachel, Niall can totally be your guy! You guys look so good together!"

"I know right! I thought so...hehehe"

" OMG know what we should do!?"

"We should pair each member of One Direction with one of us!"

"Ya, that's such a good idea!"

And on and on they went about how good Chloe's idea was...

" I'm definitely with Niall!"

"Carrot-boy's mine!"

"Hazza...called him!"

"Oh! I'm with DJ Malik!"

"Oh that leaves Taylor and Liam! Perfect!"

"GUYS! I just realised this...but don't Taylor and Liam look so good together? They are both the same age and they're both really nice!"


Oh geez guys, I thought in my head...Liam and Taylor...Nope!

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