We're Staying With WHO?!?!

Nikki and her friends/bandmates Perrie, Danielle, Elena, and Kayla, Absoloutley HATE One Direction. And Its Pretty Obvious that One Direction hates Double Take (the girls band) just as equally back! But what happens when Simon needs the two bands to co-operate so he sends them to a cabin so they could "bond" or whatever he calls it. What shall happen during their time at the cabin? Will There be love? Or Will there just be MORE hate? Or, OR, Are The guys just hating the girls 'cause they love them? IDK...Well actually..I do...BUT OH WELL. Read on for the magical 1derful story :)


1. Chapter 1.


Nikki's P.O.V.

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. BANG. That was the sound of me smacking my Alarm clock cause it wouldn't SHUT UP! I look at the time. 9:00 am. Gahhh why am I getting up this early? OH RIGHT! That meeting or whatever with the coolest guy in the world Simon! I quick scramble out of bed and take a shower, washing my brunette hair and tan body. I then wrap myself in a towel and dash over to the closet and pick out a dress with stripes at the top with a belt then black at the bottom and red leggings! Once i walk back into the bathroom dressed, i quick put on some light makeup with red/black bangles and an xoxo necklace. I walk around and look for my phone. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?!?! Thats when I see it...laying on the floor. What the hell is it doing on the floor?! I shrug, pick it up, and check my Twitter. 7,693,521 followers..Ah the perks of being in an international girl band! Oh...did I not mention I'm in a pop band named Double Take? Then I quick dash downstairs to grab something to eat while texting my BESTEST friend Perrie.

Me: Haiii Think Ya could pick meh Up?? xx

Pezz: Yea! See ya in 5! xx

Me: Thx Girlie! Bai! xx

****5 Minutes Later****

I see Perrie pull up in her car and I dash outside and get in shotgun and say,"Heyy!"

"Heyo! Do you have any idea what this meeting is about? 'Cause I dont," she asks.

"Nope. Soz babes,"I say popping the p, "Wish I did."

****10 Minutes Later****

We arrive and walk into his office to see the other girls already there.

"Heyy Girls," I scream. They all say Hi back and then Simon says," Nikki and Perrie, please make yourself comfortable while we wait for the other guests to arive."

Me and Pezz both mumble a,"Fine," and sit down to hear Kayla giggling and I glare at her and she stops. Thats when I start to wonder who these other "guests" to arrive. Then I start to say "Hey W-" But Im cut off by Danielle saying,"Who are these other guests Simon?"

Woah. HOLD UP. WE GOT A MIND READER OVER HERE. I randomley burst out laughing and everyone looks at me. Then Pezz and Elena burst out laughing too. It takes a good 10 minutes untill we are calmed down.

Simon starts to say,"Well These gue-" but he is then cut off by a boy wearing red pants and a striped shirt walks in yelling,"THE TOMMO IS HERE" And four other boys walk in. Us five girls all groan and I say,"REALLY SIMON!?!? REAAAALLY. THESE GUESTS JUST HAS TO BE THEM?


Heylow Cupcakes! So erm..this is my FIRST CHAPTER...IN MY FIRST BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! Eh Eh! No? Okay... ANYWAYS. Enjoy this beautiful wonderful amazing Story written by the Fablouis Livy! Lol Jk Jk Its NOT amazing! Oh and if you are a Vampire Diaries fan you should know that ELENA Is played by Nina Dobrev for a very important reason! MWHAHAHAHA!!!! And Yea. I Know its SHORT. But I PROMISE to make the next one longer! Like Yea. And If you think its amazing...you should like totally reward me with some twizzlers...ANYWAYS!


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