Imperfection is key

Ugly, fat, stupid, shitty the words that are said to me every day are so simple yet so hurtful. I'm Sarah jorkins and I may be all of these words but it doesn't mean I'm any less human.


1. Like a dog kennel

I am Sarah. People don't like me because I'm fat, ugly and stupid but I don't think it's just that. School is like a dog kennel, everyone is from different places some are perfect pets, some are guard dogs and so fourth but there's always that on dog that is the runt it sticks out or gets neglected. That dog is me. When I walk down the hallways I don't talk to anyone but people sure talk to me, another thing like a dog kennel they don't only yell scream and push... They bark "hey ugly! How many mirrors did you break this morning my guess is 20!" "Hey fatty Patty! This table's only for kids who can control themselves around a bag of cookies!" "I'm sorry about your last test grade... How many years of 9th grade is this for you again?, 6?! 1! Infact! This is my first year of 9th grade! As you can see I'm not very wanted but I think people just don't like me because of 4th grade. In 4th grade I was  some what popular until the day... Today I was being pushed around extra hard because it was the anniversary of the incident today almost nobody gave me a break, I was pushed, yelled at shoved into people,called names, the whole shabang. Nobody helped me,nobody said it was going to be ok, because nobody wanted to be that kid, that kid, THAT KID THAT KID!



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