just my version of in the sky chapter 4


1. fields

It hit me, just as the train did, the answer hit me. Everything was clear, what I had to do. I had to find her; I felt her presence like my other half was here with me on the train.  It all started about 300 years ago when something went wrong in my inheritance, well the inheritance of my powers that is. I always had a great relationship with my parents and my whole family, my hereditary right of my powers was practically guaranteed. I had always been the pride and joy of my parents always doing what they wanted, and helping others by showing that I was genuinely kind.


One day when I was one the grass fields in Dardanos. Among the tall grass and a few hiding death flowers I found a girl almost the same age as me lying on the ground immobile, almost looking as if she was dead. When I saw her I thought she was asleep so I shook her a bit and when she didn’t wake up I screamed for help. My father came running quickly to help me; he carried the girl out of the field into our vehicle. It was a quick flight back to the house, but for me it seemed like ages.

My father fortunately was a doctor, one of the best in Dardanos, he diagnosed the young girl that I after learned was named Izalla immediately. He said she had been poisoned by the death flowers in the meadow, she stayed in our house for a couple of days, when she was finally getting better and was able to talk, she just said “ I’m sorry” she said nothing else afterwards, the next morning I woke up earlier that usual, I had a feeling that something was terribly wrong. I got up and went to Izallas room, she wasn’t there, I ran outside to see her running away into the forest, she wasn’t that much further away so I ran after her just when was about to catch up to her Izalla got an inhuman speed and sprinted away. I ran behind her for a couple of more meters but I fell exhausted into the ground, that’s when I knew that Izalla was a part of me that I had to find her.


After Izalla ran away we saw in the news that she had been part of a horrible act against Dardanos, and that all accomplices who had helped her were now being banished away, to earth. I told my parents about this news and since I had their full support they said that I could go to earth to find her and in a near future the would join me, little did I know that by a near future they meant just a couple hundred years, I was looking for Izalla all over earth and just when I thought I found her trace disappeared until that day. On the train, as it crashed I saw I tiny glimpse of her jumping off and I know she looked at me. I found her that was all I could think as it crashed I finally found her.

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