1. the dark side

“ IZZALA WAKEUP!! ITS TIME TO GO!!” I opened my eyes only to realize I had fallen asleep. All that had occurred was only just a dream but the strange part was that Cyri was real and so was Dardanos, I had powers but this had only been a dream, this strange dream I have had more than once the same and I never got to the end of it. I looked over to see who was yelling at me Cyri I had fallen asleep on her shoulder.” What’s up?” I say while I stretch “ WHAT DO YOU MEAN “WHAT’S UP?! GET UP LETS GO!” I realized we were at our train stop and that we had to get off I quickly grabbed my bags and jacket and rushed out side just in time to see the train leave. “ God Izzala could you just stay up for like ONE second??” Cyri was mad at me for falling asleep in a train? Insanity. “ Your dad told me that they are going to meet up with us in front of the train station ok?”

I nodded “ok, let’s go”.

I began to walk rolling my pink suitcase next to me “ Cyri, I had the dream again”

Cyri answered “ the one with the blade?” a tear rolled down my eye “ yes, Cyri that’s the 5 time this week and I’m scared all I want is to inherit the family powers like I should I don’t want to have to go to the dark side. Cyri I’m scared”

Cyri hugged me and told me not to worry. We went up the stairs and as soon as I saw my dad I calmed down “daddy!” he looked down at me and hugged me. “Izzala its been long, you must come home you will only inherit the powers if you take down the dark lord” I was stunned “the dark lord?” I began to shake all over and next thing i blacked out.

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