Off to Paris

The park is full and the sun is shining brightly. The scene is happy and Amber and Jensen sit beside one another, trading looks. But that is when a shadow falls over the place and things get sinister, and on collecting a little more information it seems the darkness just keeps coming...


1. Off to Paris

   Amber turned and gripped the huge bunch of pink balloons Jensen was passing her, her eyes darting from place to place, anywhere but his face, analysing the people who were strolling through the park.

   Jensen stretched his arms and wrapped them around her neck, staring deep into her eyes though she didn’t notice. He puckered his lips and grinned at her as she turned her head sharply toward him, an angry glare on her face.

   ‘Get off my neck.’ she said slowly and deliberately through gritted teeth.

   ‘Hey, we gotta make it look realistic, give us a peck on the cheek.’

   ‘You know I could swear you’re enjoying using me as your love doll.’ Amber almost smiled. ‘I’m sure I’d enjoy it too, but in case you’d forgotten we’ve got a job to do.’

   Jensen’s face turned into an expression of mock upset. ‘We’ve been partners five years and you still don’t trust me do you?’   She sighed deeply and, leaning forward, kissed him lightly on the lips before he removed his arms and lay back on the aromatic grass, the large tree beside him creaking slightly in the wind.

   ‘I’m never washing my lips again.’ he chuckled.

   ‘There.’ Amber said, cutting him off before he could start again.

   Jensen was alert in a moment, ‘Where? Where is he?’

   ‘Over there, by the fountain. Sunglasses, baggy jeans, spiky hair.’

   ‘I got him. How do you know its him?’

   ‘There’s a bulge in his trouser pockets, and I just spotted a pistol barrel poking out. The silencer gives him away – its way to long to fit in his pocket.’

   Jensen slipped his hand into the back pocket of his jeans and gripped his own pistol, though this one had no silencer. Amber, in her tight dress and red heels had no such pockets and instead slipped her gun from her sleeve, concealing it expertly behind her hand. As one they rose and linked arms, strolling towards the fountain and the man with the gun.

   As they approached he lifted his head to them and though they couldn’t see his eyes behind the shades but they knew he was watching them, even when he tried to turn his head a little to their left to look less suspicious. All of a sudden though he dropped his character and swung his hand up to face them, the black gun flashing into view. The silencer only added to its size and several screams ripped from the throats of those nearby as they ducked for cover.

  But Jensen had been expecting this and he threw himself at Amber, knocking them both to the floor and in a moment they had drawn their own weapons and fired off several rounds blindly to fend off the attack. The bullets mangled the statue on the fountain, its expertly-carved cherub now a wingless, one-armed beast with only half a bow and an awkward torrent of water spouting from it. The man ducked and ran.

   In a moment Jensen and Amber were up and, guns in hand, were sprinting after the coward as he barged through the terrified crowds, their ears still ringing from the blasts of the two guns. Soon he was out on a long stretch of clear path and Jensen and Amber had a good shot; one, two, three bullets each they fired, the tiles behind his feet exploding before one embedded itself in his ankle. A moment later and he was down, gasping for breath and his face scrunched in pain as a second bullet thudded into his leg as he fell.

   Amber grabbed the long blond wig on her head and threw it away carelessly, revealing her shock of unkempt red hair. ‘Why did you want to kill him?!’ she bawled.

   ‘I am sure I have no idea what you’re, unh, talking about.’ came the snide reply, the sentence broken by grunts of pain.

   Jensen thrust his gun under the shooter’s chin and smiled cruelly, ‘You’ve got five minutes before the professionals get here; if you want them to find a headless corpse I suggest you keep your trap shut, if not, talk.’

   ‘You haven’t got the guts.’

   ‘Try me.’ Jensen smiled, not an ounce of emotion in his expression as he dug the muzzle deeper.

   ‘Okay,’ the man sighed, ‘Okay.’

   ‘Feeling talkative are we?’

   ‘Look, I work for a French organisation called Night Wolf. I don’t get told much but they’re developing a top secret technology and it’s supposed to be capable of allowing them world domination. It’s some biological weapon and can be trained on certain individuals I think. Like if they wanted to kill all the brown-haired people in a room, they could without hurting anyone else.’

   ‘But why did you need to kill Denver Eccles, who you probably will have noticed I am not?’

   ‘I wasn’t supposed to kill him. Just abduct him. You see he is working on some technology that could further enhance the weapon, but I don’t know what and I don’t know how. All I know is he is a clinical genius and I had to capture him.’

   ‘Where is Night Wolf based?’ Jensen asked, never once slackening his grip on the gun despite his sweaty palms.

   ‘I don’t know, I’m just a sleeper agent as it were. I get phone calls telling me what to do and rendezvous points to get to.’

   ‘But there must be a boss around the area, someone the organisation can feed through.’

   ‘There is, I think his name is Jean Paul. He’s a brute of a man and like me he’s based in Paris.’

   A moment later the place was swarming with black-clothed FBI agents who were keeping the crowd in check and some of them going over the chase trail easy to see from the many bullet holes.

   ‘Well,’ Amber said, turning to Jensen as they worked expertly behind her, ‘looks like we’re off to Paris.’

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