In The Sky Chapter 4

This story is made to enter the branching competition. Its kind of bad.


1. The Hunt

The impact was not as hard as Izalla expected it to be, but it was nevertheless quite powerful. Izalla was thrown violently against the chair opposite of her. A normal person would have at least have his rib cage shattered, but Izalla was no ordinary human, now was she? Dardanosian  bodies were almost twice as strong as bodies of ordinary humans, which allowed Izalla to get away with but a simple pain in the chest.

Quickly helping herself to her feet, Izalla proceeded on to survey the mayhem around her. The train was still pretty much intact, save for a few instruments being out of place and the floor being covered in blood

The humans onboard the train weren't doing as well, however. Jason was lying at the center of the corridor, blood covering him.Poor lad, Izalla thought, he must have at least 5 ribs shattered.

Out of a pile of bodies, Cyri suddenly emerged, appearing completely unharmed.

" Well that was quite a crash" she stated calmly, notes of excitement showing in her voice " So what were you going to say before we were interrupted by this unfortunate event?"

" He is here" Izalla said, her concentration slowly returning to her " The blood on the blade was definitely his. This is our chance."

" Chance for what?" Cyri said, pretending to not understand the implications of HIS presence here.

" My chance for redemption. The sole chance to end my curse." shouted Izalla, pissed at the fact that Cyri chose to be ignorant in a matter where she knew that Izalla needed her support " My chance to return back to Dardanos. OUR chance to go back to Dardanos."

" Why go back?" questioned Cyri " I quite like it here. In here, we are the kings, and our fathers have no power over us, at least not completely. Do you fail to see our solution? Treat your curse not as a curse, but as a power. Use it to get yourself all you want."

" You know perfectly well that this is not what I want." angrily responded Izalla, choosing to not even consider the option. " All i want is to go back to Dardanos,  not as a threat, but as an equal. The curse chose me because the Fates knew that i was strong enough to wield it without succumbing.

" Very well" calmly replied Cyri " I was just testing you to see whether you were determined. Very well. Can you track him?"

" I can use his blood to track him, but it will not be accurate. As you can see, i have still retained some of my skills"

Cyri responded with a subtle smirk " Then let the hunt begin."

They set off, determined to change their lives.



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