heartbreaker (completed)

Carrie yeah I know weird name but she was dating HARRY STYLES! She was so happy with him until something terrible happens ,you'll have to read to find out


2. the party

A.N/this paragraph is going to be short just to warn you

Harry's pov

This party is going to be amazing and a right laugh too because ever party carrie always get too drunk and she cant even walk haha its so funny but I do take care of her while she's in that state seeing I'm such a kind and caring boyfriend, well yeah I am because I love her and care for her and I want to be there to protect and to make her feel safe and valued.

Carrie's pov

The partys started and people are coming in the house now and I've decided I'm not going to drink tonight but I'm not telling harry that because he likes it when I drink so he can take care of me but I've made a promise to myself

I'm acting drunk just to see what harry's like and he's in the kitchen and I'm spying on him yeah I know really creepy but I need to know.

I nearly had a heart attack when I seen him flirting with this skank who was wearing a dress that was showing half her bum and harry kept touching it, I wanted to run in there and knock her clean out but I wanted to see what els harry would do with her and to my surprise he took her out the door witch leads to our BEDROOM!

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