heartbreaker (completed)

Carrie yeah I know weird name but she was dating HARRY STYLES! She was so happy with him until something terrible happens ,you'll have to read to find out


6. the boys

Louis pov

I cant believe he'd do that to this poor girl and I feel sorry for that skank because he used her for a one night stand haha well that's her problem she shouldn't go for boys who already have girlfriends, but I'm foaming with him I seriously want to punch him in the face right now the dick I'm going to kick off with him big time!

zayn's pov

how could he do this to carrie the little idiot wait till I see him, he's going to get a good beating of all 4 of us for doing this, he's ruined his relationship with her and our friendship with her well fucking done harry, I hate you right now wait till I see you just wait boy.

niall's pov

why would he fucking do this to her, he is just a pathetic excuse of a boy and a boyfriend he seriously need a good punch to teach him a good leasson because his cheating is getting out of hand especially when he was sober too, and he also needs a good leasson on  how to be a good boyfriend and how to treat a girl right and make her feel special instead of cheating on the and making them feel low and self conscience because she's tried for a year but he lets her after 1 day now she's going to feel like he didn't love her and that she's not good enough but to be honest he isn't good enough to have her she deserves way better.

liam's pov

I'm seriously going to punch his scrony little face in  


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