heartbreaker (completed)

Carrie yeah I know weird name but she was dating HARRY STYLES! She was so happy with him until something terrible happens ,you'll have to read to find out


12. the big day

Carrie's pov

It's the big day, mine and Harry's wedding, yey I cant wait it is going to be amazayn <----sorry I had to do it) for my dress I'm wearing a big white one, like the ones out of big fat gypse weddings, harry is wearing a suit, with black trousers, black blazer and a gold tie and my flowers were gold to, so here it goes I'm walking down the isle.

Harry's pov

It's the big day and I must admit I'm really neverouse, what if she doesn't like me any more seeing she hasn't seen me in 2 weeks because you know tradition and everything. here she is looking beautiful walking down the isle in her big white dress witch I love, aw she's started crying and so have I and the boys

  nobody's pov

the wedding has finished, they both said they would take each other as husband and wife not everyone's left the church and on their way to the party, hopefully the same thing doesn't happen what happened at their house well it shouldn't now they are married.

After the party everyone went home but harry and Carrie stayed at a hotel and you don't want to know what happened then, all you want to know is that Carrie got pregnant and had 2 twin girl who were called Sophie and Chantell.


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