heartbreaker (completed)

Carrie yeah I know weird name but she was dating HARRY STYLES! She was so happy with him until something terrible happens ,you'll have to read to find out


3. the bedroom

Carrie's pov

2 minutes later I went and stood at the bedroom door witch was half closed and they both started to strip and guess fucking what harry was sober so he knew for a fine fact what he was doing and he knew if I found out it would break me but he still went and done it yeah proves how much he cares and yeah the fans were right he is cheating on me and he dosent love me he just feels sorry for me

Harry's pov

I can't believe I'm doing this to her, fucking cheating on her with some skank when I'm sober if she finds out she'll be heart broken and yeah I know she'll leave and I'll be heart broken too with out my love but I can't just kick her out now because Carrie will suss things, why am I such a dick doing this to her? I hate my fucking self well done harry you did it again ruined another one of your relashionships yeah you know how to treat a lady!

Carrie's pov

she sat on his fucking cock but he won't even let me do that yet and I've tried like 20 times but he just keeps saying no he's not ready for that yet it's to early but yet he just met that skank an hour ago and he's already letting her oh I hate him, I'll wait till he comes out to see the way he's acting if I can, I don't know if I can hold back the tears any longer.


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