heartbreaker (completed)

Carrie yeah I know weird name but she was dating HARRY STYLES! She was so happy with him until something terrible happens ,you'll have to read to find out


4. tears

Carrie's pov

I couldn't hold it in any longer, I just burst out crying but I don't think harry will be able to hear because he's to busy paying attention to that girl and listing to her orgasims witch is making me feel very sick she dose know theres other people in this house and can hear her because she's pretty loud and the bedroom is downstair, oh shit what if the boys think it's me because I'm missing and harry is oh well I'll just have to cry louder so harry comes out and then we start arguing and the boys know its not me so hear we go I cried very loudly but the other boys were to busy playing fifa so they cant hear but I'm right outside the door and harry will be able to hear and he'll know its me because he's heard me cry before.

Harry's pov

Shit I heard crying outside and I knew who's crying that was and it was Carrie's and it sounded like she was just outside the door so I quickely jumped up put some clothes on and ran out to see her. she was very upset and angry and I knew she'd find out but I didn't want her to see us doing it because she'll just be living that moment over and over.

"what do you think your doing in there with that skank, we've been together for a year and you say it's to early but you just met her an hour ago and your already letting her well guess fucking what harry i'm done with you and i'm leaving goodbye and yes your fans were fucking right you never have loved me and you never will and yeah I should die I love your fucking fans for telling me the truth now goodbye harry good fucking bye!

"please baby don't leave it was all just a mistake loom im very drunk and I didn't mean it please don't leave me?"

"harry don't fucking lie to me I know your perfectly sober and you cheated on me for the fun of it so just leave me harry im going to pack then im going to say goodbye to the boys for good


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