Melanie is scarred, cracked, broken. She can't ever look back. The past haunts her and the future seems to hold no promise. Everyday is a struggle within, and she dreams of putting her misery to an end.

Why does she feel this way?

Because she believes she's a monster.
A cold, heartless monster who doesn't deserve to breath or live another day

Melanie has had everything and everyone she's ever loved taken away from her. She's always felt alone and unloved. She thought she would always feel that way too. Until she met him.


1. A New Day

I open my eyes to blinding light. I blink a couple of times and sit up. A new day. Another round of torture. I sigh and get up. I walk up to the mirror and look at the horrible thing looking back at me. I have bright green eyes, black hair, and creamy white skin. I may look beautiful on the outside, but its a whole entire nother story on the inside. Why do I even exsist? Im not only a monster, but a waste. I don't deserve to breath, or live. I don't want to hurt anybody else. I just want it all to end. But Miki always tells me to never give up, and that's a promise i have always vowed to keep. So I endure every waking minute of pain and push through every day. I walk away from the mirror and walk into the shower. I turn the water on cold and stand under the water until my body goes numb. No use in using hot water. It's not like I can die anyways. After a few minutes, I step out and change into a purple dress with matching flats. I grab my bookbag and purse and i head out the door. As I walk to high school, or Hell rather, Miki comes up to me. Miki is my best and only friend. She's a shapeshifter, and one of the best. She's the only who has ever seemed to understand me. She always hates the way I feel about myself, so I don't mention it around her very often. She's my only light in this world and I'm incredibly lucky to have her. "So did anything exciting happen last night?", she asks as usual."No.", I give her the usual answer."You sure?", she says, poking me in my ticklish spot. I laugh and swat her hand away."Stop!You know that's my ticklish spot.", I say, still laughing. "You ready for your first day at our new school?", she asks. I go silent. "How could I?", I grumble. Me and Miki moved to another town after one of my ummm...accidents. Today is the first day at our, new high school, Degson G. High. Miki smiles and shakes me by the shoulders."C'mon! Don't be so glum! It's a new day!" , she says poking me in that spot again, making me laugh really hard. We arrive at the school doors and I stop laughing. Miki grabs the door handles and looks at me."Well, here we go.", she says, and she opens the doors.UT
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