It's our job.

"Alway's an second chance never an third."


1. Whatever

"OK girl's." I whispered. We were walking to the One Direction show. "Remember. Get the gun. Or kill them." They nodded. "Everyone got theirs?" I asked. The girls show 4 shiny gun's. I held mine. "OK let's go." We walked through the crowd. Acting like fan's. But then I see him. And his gun. He held it up. I jumped on the stage and the girl's did the same.  We were standing in front of an member each. "Drop the gun!" I yelled. He didn't. Me and the girl's shoot his arm. Everyone screamed. I got off the stage. Lexi was hiding Niall and Zayn now. I held my gun to the man's head. And got him on stage. I pushed him up against the wall. "Who are you working for?" I hissed putting him in handcuffs. "N-n-no -o-one." He whispered. I hit him.

"I'll ask you one more time." I whispered. I raised my voice again. "Who are you working for!?"

"No one. I just really hate them!" He said. Glaring at the boy's. I hit him. Again. Something cracked. He yelled for help. I looked around. Everyone frozen. In shock. I raised my gun. "Elena! Stop!" Our boss. I put the gun down facing our boss. "He's telling the truth." I kicked the guy on the ground. Punched him. Then spat on him. Walking way with an new gun. The girl's spat on him and walked with me too. "Thanks girl's!" Our boss called after us.

"Whatever it's our job!" After that the FBI came and surrounded the grounds as the boys started sing again. Then someone came up to me from behide. I flipped them over. I turned around. It was Simon Cowell. "What do you want?" I barked at him. He looked up at me with guilt in his eye's. "I-I-I'm sorry Elena." He whispered. I grunted. Even the girl's turn away from him. They knew I hated him. But they didn't know why. "Simon, why are you in the ground?" Niall said helping him up.

"N-nothing." He said. Then turning to me. "I am really sorry El." I pushed him back. Holding up my gun. "Don't touch me!" I growled. He came up to me when the girl's held me still. Taking my gun. "Don't talk too your father like that." He whispered.

"You aren't my dad. You never were." He looked at me. Hurt. When I said that.

"Give me an second chance. Please." I shook my head.

"Awww come on Elena. What do you always say? Always a-" Lexi said before I cut her off. "That doesn't apply here." I growled. But then the other girl's joined in. "Second chance but never an third." They sang. I sighed. And walked away.

"I dare you!" Dani yelled. I spun on my heel and walked back to the girl's.  I punched Dani. But all she said was, "That's my girl. Give him an second chance." I glared at her. But then all the girl's started to chant. "I dare you. I dare you. We double dare you." I looked at Simon. Me and the girl's said at the same time, "Always an second chance never an third." Simon was about to pull me into an hug. I just looked at him. He backed off. "So..." The boys said. Coming up to us. Niall was already here. Watching what had happened. "Thank you..." They said trailing off.

"You're not that welcome..." I started. "We lost an lot of money by saving you guy's." I said. Liz hit me. "What you know it's true."

"You could at least act like you care." Liz said. I shrugged.

"I am acting. You should see me when I'm not." I walked off. But I heard Sam yelled.

"Follow her she's going to the pub!"

"So?" Simon said.

"So, she almost killed you with out an second thought. You should see what she's like when she's drunk." I smiled.

"My high-score is 39!" I yelled walking off.

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